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  1. Appleseed: Harvard, MA April 18-19, 2015

    Well done folks! It was a great shoot!
  2. Appleseed: Harvard, MA April 18-19, 2015

    Bringing a friend. If anyone is sighting in optics this weekend and has room for a couple more please let me know.
  3. IDPA practice in Harvard

    Good shoot well run. I'll be back
  4. IDPA practice in Harvard

    Does anyone know if the practice is still on tonight at HSC? Not sure if the MLK holiday affects the schedule. Any one from NES planning on going?
  5. Just joined IDPA

    I'm going to try to make the practice at WPR tomorrow. Anyone else planning on being there?
  6. Auburn Sportsmans Club

    Coyote are you working the WOT event this year? Happy to help if they need more people
  7. Galils for sale?

    Just got back from Colombia and military was out in force toting really cool looking Galils. Got me wondering, with all the AK variants, why we never see them around here. Heard good things about them and would mind supporting a free county like Israel instead of Putin's mob
  8. Harvard Appleseed June 29-30

    Hey tbk5 got your message but maxed out on PMs Ill respond when I get out of email jail
  9. Harvard Appleseed June 29-30

    What a great weekend! Had fantastic 2 days of shooting got to meet noxin and tbk5. And congrats to tbk5 for getting his patch! If you've never been to an Appleseed I can't recommend it enough. I think they said Leyden is in 2 weeks
  10. Harvard Appleseed June 29-30

    I couldn't find a start time for tomorrow on the Appleseed site. HSC says 9AM on their calendar. Do we need to be there earlier for registration?
  11. SKS questions and possible answers

    Thanks Martin!
  12. SKS questions and possible answers

    Had my first few slam fires at the range the other day. I plan on getting a Murray fire pin but in the meantime I soaked the disassembled bolt carrier in mineral spirits to clean it up. I think my mistake was using a super lube and the firing pin was hitting the Tula primers with too much...
  13. Harvard Appleseed June 29-30

    Thanks for the great feedback and looking forward to seeing some of you there! I'll bring the SKS although I'm not very fast reloading with the stripper clips and I have some trouble picking up the iron sights through the scope mounts it came with (and the scope itself is junk) I've got about...
  14. Harvard Appleseed June 29-30

    Finally signed up for my first Appleseed at the end of the month. Wondering if anyone from NES is planning on going. I think I'm pretty squared away with my LTR, although I'm tempted to bring my SKS along too. If anyone has some first time tips they'd be greatly appreciated!
  15. Northeast April 19th Appleseed Events 2013

    Are pre-ban mags over 10 rounds for the 10/22 allowed at Appleseed shoots? I've had trouble finding 10 round mags but had a dealer in MA offer a 50 round mag that he claimed was pre-ban
  16. Northeast April 19th Appleseed Events 2013

    I've got two on back order direct from Ruger but I'd be surprised if they arrive in time. I'll check out the leads folks have sent me and reach out to the Harvard coordinator [Lupis42?] as well. Thanks for the help!
  17. Northeast April 19th Appleseed Events 2013

    Thanks I'll give them a try. Haven't been in there since the madness started...
  18. Northeast April 19th Appleseed Events 2013

    I'm starting to get my LTR together, but one problem I'm running into is finding extra 10 round magazines for the 10/22. Nothing online or in any of the local stores. I've seen them on Ebay for $25 plus. If I can't find/afford three extra magazines is that going to be an issue?
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