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  1. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    I can only speculate that they are claiming that the month/day without the actual year is not sufficient to uniquely identify someone. In any given group of 57 people, the probability of any two of then having the same day/month for their birthday is actually very high, 99%. So, unless you...
  2. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    The whole thing needs to disappear.:mad:
  3. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    You see sex and towns in the list of FID/LTC applications and you can infer the birthday from the expiration date, but there is no more unique identifier that you can use to cross reference a specific individual to the various transaction lists. And in the transaction lists you now only see the...
  4. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    After many complaints, they removed the column with the unique IDs from the spreadsheets the morning of 1/28/2023. If you download the files after that, you won't see the unique identifier.
  5. Done.

    Or if you want to make it into an Xtreme, get this: If you're patient, they go on sale fairly frequently. I got mine for $160 during one of their 20% off sales. Makes all the difference in the world.
  6. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    Don't know if I should be proud (that I did a good job of supporting the 2nd) or embarrassed (that so few guns were sold to residents of my town), but looking at the data from 1/1/2009 to 12/32/2020 my purchases represented 15.6% of all the firearms purchased in MA by folks from my town.
  7. ATF Proposed Rule Change for Frames and Receivers

    The recent Fifth circuit ruling on the ATF bump stock ban should have significant impact on the ATF's rule change for Frames and Receivers. One of the key findings was: Since 80% manufactures can point to a long series of letters from the ATF's Firearms Technology Branch stating that "80%"...
  8. Deals and steals

    Camera lens deal. Good from B&H Photo till midnight tonight (Eastern Time). Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens. Full frame lens for either Canon EF or Nikon F mount. $699, $390 off regular price. Use the B&H Payboo card and save the sales tax ($43.69 in MA)...
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Last time I purchased something from him (quite a while ago) he was saying that he was really getting swamped in his regular job, which required a fair amount of travel. I assume that he just got too busy to keep up with the sideline FFL.
  10. Deals and steals

    Bang for the buck, right now I don't think you can beat an Arken. I've two myself and they compare favorably to scopes that cost me twice as much. The real thing is when you're paying for looks and not just for function. If you're buying it as a work of art (like a Greg Derr 1911) you'd be...
  11. Harbor Freight Gun Safe?

    I't depends on what you intend it for. If you only want it to meet legal storage requirements and to keep curious youngsters out, the cheaper of the two will do. Both of these are really storage cabinets, not what I would consider a safe since neither offer fire protection. The more expensive...
  12. Affordable 1911s that aren't trash

    A Greg Derr is priced just like any other work of art. They are absolutely unique, one of a kind items that are made to specifically reflect the buyer's personality. If you compare his price to say a custom Holland&Holland 'Royal' side by side at £120,000 ($138,753.60 at todays rate), it's...
  13. Deals and steals
  14. What's the deal with Glock MOS plates?

    Here is the most complete guide to mounting footprints that I've been able to find:
  15. Strict gun laws on ballot for Oregon

    Again this shows how the anti-gun movement, contrary to the media's portrayal of it being a poor underdog, massively outspends the pro Second Amendment side: Total contributions to date in support of the restrictions: $2,930,049.57 Total contributions in opposition to the restrictions...
  16. Deals and steals

    Of course it's only $375, it doesn't come with a magazine.
  17. Recommend me gun with a similar profile to the Sig P229 Compact

    It's good to see that you're being flexible as you increase your knowledge. Just keep researching and take advantage of every chance you have to actually shoot any of the guns you're considering. Given the wide range of guns available (even in a restricted sate like MA) you should find...
  18. Rifled slug from smooth barrel with improved cylinder choke makes 2 holes at 25 yards?

    Looking at these images of the construction of the Federal TreuBall Rifled Slug, I would not be surprised that you got two holes at 25 yards.
  19. How much "gun" do you EDC?

    I carry a spare mag not for the reloads but because the most likely point of failure in a semi-auto is the mag. I like knowing that if I have a failure and do a tap-rack-nobang, I can drop the mag, put in the spare, and try one more time.
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