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  1. Flying with declared firearm

    Delta does the same thing, as least the last 2 times I flew into Atlanta.
  2. Flying with declared firearm

    I have never checked a long gun, only handguns. I have seen quite a few procedure changes over the years. Initially, you signed the card and it went inside the hard case, then it was locked into your checked bag. Next you were escorted to the TSA person, who rifled through your bag (pun...
  3. Flying with declared firearm

    They used to put the signed tag inside the case, which in my opinion was your proof that you signed and put it in your case. Lately it goes on the outside of the gun case (I can jam the card to the outside edge of the case so it doesn't get separated). If the tag somehow disappears, it is their...
  4. What gun have you wanted for a long time but just won't spend the money on?

    Rack grades are fully functional, might not look as nice as one of the expert grades from CMP, but still worth it. Ordered 2 rack grades in December and it took 8 days from application in the mail to my house. A little grease and TLC maybe a few new parts for cheap money and you will have what...
  5. Pentagon Committee Recommends Private Firearm Restrictions for Service Members, Personnel Policy Reform to Prevent Military Suicides

    I was looking at this yesterday. After poking around for a little while, I found a JAMA report that did a study on Army deaths from before the Mexican-American war. Every life is precious, but the suicide rates have been much higher at other times. This stinks of typical military that if it...
  6. [email protected]*&$ in NH Taking Up Guns

    Don't have a problem with anyone owning a firearm as long as they are not using it to commit a crime against another person. As has been said when people start working against what I believe and want, then I am going to work against that group. Someone that is pro-gun and votes for people that...
  7. Can you identify this centerfire cartridge? ***answer revealed***

    Found this while looking at something else...holy post rollback Batman. .10 caliber Eichelberger to assume it is not something you will find at your local store. Made from a formed .25 ACP. Eichelberger dart
  8. Australian hidden bunker

    LOL, well done, you got me. You can reach my attorney lieu of other questions.
  9. Australian hidden bunker

    I want one of these above everything else. Shows how much control Australia is exerting on its people on firearms. Letizi was charged with possession of unlicensed ammunition, possession of unlicensed firearm, possession of bulletproof clothing and inadequate storage of ammunition at home...
  10. test firing a "for sale" gun

    Are you willing to confirm some typical stereo types I have in my head for this guy? This is purely for scientific purposes of course.
  11. test firing a "for sale" gun

    Haha, genius idea to fight fire with fire so to speak. I like the cut of your jib.
  12. Dry fire practice

    I have an iTarget Pro that I have used to evaluate my shooting technique. The fact that it gives you an immediate feedback on where you hit, can help to fix bad shooting habits and improve muscle memory. This can still be accomplished with plain dry firing (the bullet is a glorified snap cap)...
  13. Hollywood high rise potential sniper

    California does love its drama. On January 31, authorities found several high-powered weapons during a search at the defendant’s high-rise apartment building in Hollywood. They found rifles magazines with high caliber ammo, a shotgun, loaded pistols, ballistic vests and a scope. Braxton...
  14. Confirmed shooting at Holyoke Mall

    Yikes, that reddit link provided the exact horror I was expecting from the general public that thinks everyone that carries is Wyatt Earp looking for the next opportunity to shoot someone. These are NOT my quotes or statements, from the link: I also carried for 15 years. It made me overly...
  15. Schumer demands FTC investigation into ‘JR-15’ rifle marketed to kids: ‘Disgusting’

    Did you ever notice that Chucky pops up from time to time to spout something that nobody believes and disappears like a whack a mole so he can stay relevant? I think it is perfectly reasonable to market a smaller sized rifle that is appropriate for smaller body size, especially when an ADULT is...
  16. Gun & ammunition Hoarding

    Yea, probably time to consider banning alcohol and weed also, since we were so successful last time around. /s They are going to be nipping at your second amendment rights until they finally succeed...act accordingly, don't give them up.
  17. John Lott testifying today

    Red flag laws are the first step to make it common to "take away" firearms for reasons. /s The ultimate goal is making handguns illegal. FJB and everyone who runs government can't and won't control my ability to defend myself. It is a right that can't be given or taken away by anyone.
  18. Would you clear a squib this way?

    This guy could have fit a couple more in the barrel. I guess the part that scares me is there are 8 bullets in that revolver.
  19. Resident Shoots and Kills 1 Suspected Intruder and Wounds 3 Others During Home Invasion - Jacqueze & Taneaious

    They got to the fork in the road, one fork was an honest life, the other fork thug life...they chose their own destiny and it turned out poorly.
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