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  1. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    . . . Tastes like spotted owl. . . . .
  2. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    Please. The worry that people have. "Don't let your cats out. Protect your cattle. Watch out for Aunt Mabel!"
  3. Man busted for illegal hares from ME to Ma

    Is that John Hurt under there???? (DEEEEEEP reference there.)
  4. Feral Cattle

    This exact issue was on the latest MeatEater this week. They said that they should report GPS coordinates so people could go in and recover the meat.
  5. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    To be fair, it wasn't hte coyotes but they kept funding his hijinks to catch the Road Runner. Those safes and rockets cost money. Nahant is responsible for 20% of the gain in ACME stock last year.
  6. Man busted for illegal hares from ME to Ma

    I mean, god forbid they just go up to the guy and say, "Hey, we hear you are trying to bring wabbits into the state and that's illegal. Here are the reasons why that's a bad idea. Can we help in finding a solution for you? If not, we're going to investigate and bust your ass." Nah. That...
  7. What have you seen lately?

    I find that drivers are VERY afraid of turkeys on the road. They stop like the turkeys will attack or something. I was late for somewhere last week. Came around a corner. Dammit! Line of turkeys crossing the road. I slowed but did not stop. Turkeys more than 1/3 the way across scurried...
  8. Coyote behavior?

    So is it coyotes or F&G? Is it other hunters or coyotes??? Lying insurance companies or surveying the wrong part of the state? It sounds like you're just generally pissed that you can't hunt the same as you did 30 or 40 years ago. Stuff changes. I get that it sucks. I haven't pulled in a...
  9. Coyote behavior?

    Are ya SURE about that, Mark???? The MA herd has DOUBLED since the 90's. (that was just one cite of the population. In fact, it was the one where the data was...
  10. What have you seen lately?

    Just before lunch today we spotted the Red Tail sitting on the light pole. Seconds later, SIL asks, "Is that the mate in the tree?" Nope. Just the Peregrine. Closest we've seen him/her stationary. Serious lack of detail. Sorry. Know it's a RT lower-right (just at the horizon) and PF high...
  11. animal tracks described

    I've always thought - for a PDF, they COULD make them to scale. I mean, the shape differences in a moose vs. deer aren't that significant. But the F'ING SIZE OF THEIR FEET would be a sure give-away. Ditto fro size of black bear next to O'Possum. (The Irish kind.)
  12. What have you seen lately?

    Wife happened to be up at 2am a few nights ago. Maybe to go tinkle. I forget. Anyhow, the outside back lights snap on. Lone deer is grazing in the edge of the woods. Front leg either hit or shot. He (assume it's a he) won't make the summer for sure. Won't be able to evade the coyotes. . ...
  13. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    That's utter crap. It just is. It's sensationalist news sold to sensationalist people for no reason than to rile them up. The reality is that RECREATIONAL fishing accounts for over 80% - and likely 90% when you consider they are guessing the reporting rate - you realize that if they maxed out...
  14. What have you seen lately?

    Last week I was in the lobby area of my office talking to daughter and SIL (not married - wrong daughter). I look out. "Ubba, ubba ubba. . . " They turn. One of the resident Peregrine's is doing a saunter across our windows. Wow. About 30 seconds later, the local redtail lands in hte tree...
  15. DIY Duck Sled

    F that. If those damned ducks wanna go sledding, they can work to buy their own sled! :) I assume that's one of those see-ment mixing tubs. I've always thought they were great for hauling not-too-heavy junk around.
  16. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    Any word on how the "harvest" is going????
  17. Elk osso bucco

    Exactly. I don't get why people grind up the best parts. In cow, people are trying to give you 58 different round roasts and then they take all the chuck areas and grind them into hamburger. Now, I'm not against a chuck burger. In fact, all of my hand-ground burger is chuck in nature. But...
  18. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    Yeah. That'll happen. Karen is still gonna feed them. You want the problem gone, you gotta eliminate them. Because the humans are too stupid, as a whole. (Not even a high % of stupid, but 5 or 6 stupids on that whole island screws it all up.)
  19. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    I'm not disagreeing with you. But let's say you're the town father. You have a choice: 1. Open permits for anyone who wants to "stahht blastin!" Even limited permits to people you vetted. Now you've got all the liability on your shoulders should Uncle Randy get too excited and blow out...
  20. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    Find me 500' where a shooter can legally shoot from and hit a coyote on that island. Maybe at the golf course. Us mere mortals can't hunt there. USDA can supersede MA state law.
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