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  1. Polymer 80

    How about $70? That seems to be the new price point post-ATF judgment.
  2. Polymer 80

    There are plenty of other vendors to go to other than P80 to buy their products. I believe Borges was the President during the 2020 raid and is no longer with the Company and the other guy is running it now. Say what you will about who got what back then, but aside from Cody Wilson, I can't...
  3. Kefir and Kombucha

    Anyone using raw milk or sticking with the regular stuff?
  4. MantisX and Blackbeard

    Please give a review once you've had time to work with it. I saw your other thread and happy there was some participation there.
  5. Kefir and Kombucha

    Cool. Thanks. Just ordered from them.
  6. 77% of 18-24 yr old Americans Unfit for Military Service

    Only two more years of offense! You can do it!
  7. 77% of 18-24 yr old Americans Unfit for Military Service

    Is getting high that important for people? Or are the jobs that horrific that the only thing that would keep them afloat is smoking marijuana at the end of the day?
  8. 77% of 18-24 yr old Americans Unfit for Military Service

    Overhearing a conversation with some uniformed ANG mechanics at breakfast the other week, not being able to engage in recreational drugs seems to be the most pressing complaint that demographic has with military service.
  9. Kefir and Kombucha

    I don't know if this belongs in the Survival or OT forum, but does anyone brew either? I was making kombucha by the barrel a while back until I got bored with it. I'm thinking about milk kefir now. Anyone brew it? Have a source for the best grains? Any other tips that you wish you found out...
  10. A little sumpin’ on the side…

    #3 is keeping me from getting into 300Blk.
  11. 50BMG Headstamp Question

    TSUSA has some of the best prices on LC M33/M17 and the Hornady match stuff. For what your rifle cost, I wouldn't shoot anything unknown or semi-known. Start a new thread and ask where to dispose of them. That always turns out fun. ETA: Congrats on joining the 50 club. It's a ton of fun...
  12. storing and transporting gasoline

    I've done that many times before and never had a problem. I wouldn't fill the cans all the way up and checked on them occasionally. I never cracked the vents because I was worried about vapors under the cover. I don't know if it was smart, but I'm still here.
  13. Bill to make the AR-15 the National Gun of America

    The Flobert Parlor rifle needs a seat at that table.
  14. Coming up from Florida

    Culture shock inbound. I wish him well.
  15. MantisX and Blackbeard

    Does anyone use the MantisX and/or Blackbeard (for an AR15) in their normal training schedule? I started following the company when they first came out and it was a little wonky but curious if they found their groove recently and firsthand user experience. Thanks in advance.
  16. HORROR: Young Mom Shot and Killed in Front of Her Children After Dispute in Kroger Parking Lot

    I swear, walking alongside a female is more dangerous than walking solo or with a dude. Chicks always seem to have a chip on their shoulder and think anything is a personal slight or affront to them. The whole testosterone-fueled, mutual combat, short fuse, etc. all seems like bullshit. Yet...
  17. David Hogg's (Small) Wants you to turn in your guns

    100%. Treat them as if they were pedophiles. And openly talk to/about them the same way.
  18. Converting 10 round mags back to stock capacity

    I'll take you at your word that you've been in the gun world for 25 years. You should be smart enough to know that if any infringement was reversed by any court, the cost of a few limited capacity magazines will be a rounding error of a rounding error of what you will be spending on new gear...
  19. Discover credit cards, starts tracking purchase.

    It really depends on what you, as a merchant, can negotiate in writing, with your processor. For years, I dealt with shit processors who would routinely 'lie by exception' when it came to justifying their charges. We settled with Elavon who had much more transparent practices and policies...
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