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  1. If your on Facebook, would you mind supporting my page?

    Liked and good luck.
  2. A good gun cleaning kit

    [rofl] !
  3. Optics at 300yrds?

    Ok, thanks guys. I guess i'll be good with it. It will save me some loot too. Although, reading the newspaper at that distance would be pretty cool[smile].
  4. Optics at 300yrds?

    I have qualified to use the 300yrd range at my club. I have not yet shot out any further than 100yrds. The most powerful scope I have is 4-16x50 Nikon Monarch. Will this be sufficient enough for this distance or should I not waste my time and find a more powerful scope? Thanks Jr.
  5. AbbyOakley Gets 228 on AQT

    Congrats Abby. That's awesome.
  6. New acquisitions for August 2010

    My newish S&W 686-6 Just picked this up yesterday. Pics not the greatest but you get the idea.
  7. A thread-viewing reminder/tip.

    +1 for the tip. [thumbsup]
  8. Daughter at range for the first time

    Nice, I just got my daughter there a few weeks ago. What a great thing.
  9. Trigger pull/Trigger job on Remington 700

    Just got back from the range. It is definitely a whole new rifle. The trigger feels great and the bolt is nice and smooth. I tried what you said Jose and no problem there. Patriot, the gunsmiths name is Ron Strickland. He is in Berkley. His number is 508-880-2858.
  10. Need a good gunsmith

    His number is 508-880-2858. He just did a triiger job on my Remington 700 and I love it. Got it back in less than 24 hours.
  11. Trigger pull/Trigger job on Remington 700

    Thanks Jose, I will test that out. I hope to be at the range tomorrow. He also shortened the screw behind the bolt because the bolt was touching it a little when pulled back and pushed in. Also he filed down the stock a hair so bolt locks nice and easy now. Total damages $45 and less then 24...
  12. Trigger pull/Trigger job on Remington 700

    The gunsmith called me today. He lighten the trigger pull from 8.5lbs down to 2.75lbs. He's charged $35, seemed fair. I can't wait to try it out at the range tomorrow.
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