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  1. Unreal

    Tribal culture
  2. LTC Required to enter gun shows?

    When I lived in MA I recall at least one shop that wouldn't let you handle a gun without seeing your LTC. Is that still going on?
  3. Looking for new 9mm pistol product advise.

    I have a Canik tp9sf that I used for years in USPSA and IDPA without a failure, very accurate as well. Moved to a Walther PPG5 Match, but the Canik was as good, minus the extra $$$. I now have an Elite as well, and my wife has an EliteSC. No problems with any of them. Can't go wrong with a Canik.
  4. Jon Stewart Dismantles Weak GOP Rep on Gun Control

    If anyone did it would be edited out.
  5. MASS BILL proposed 36% tax on all gun and ammo sales

    And from the home of the revolution.
  6. Video shows gunman nonchalantly shooting homeless man execution-style in broad daylight in St. Louis

    I'm not racist. I've had several black friends and coworkers, one asked me to be his new-born son's godfather. I held all of them in high regard. But I see this stuff, day after day, week after week and it's really hard to stay that way.
  7. intrigued by certain guns

    Went to a gun show a couple of weeks ago. Looked at and fondled a mare leg in .357, then asked myself "Why?"
  8. Son, 22, of prominent South Carolina legal family found murdered with his mom, 52, was 'targeted' - Murdaugh Trial

    If 2 individuals, with 2 guns kill the wife and son, why would they leave the 2 guns behind then flee? There's a lack of direct, forensic evidence linking him to the shooting, it's all circumstantial it seems. But it's all pretty questionable.
  9. So whats up with the classifieds?

    When I lived up there (in AZ now) I purchased from the classifieds. I still look, but since no one mentions shipping, I buy from individuals on the S&W forum. Back then, dealers didn't take over that area like they do now. So I look for chuckles, to see what outrageous prices people are selling...
  10. Keith Olbermann Calls For "Economic Civil War" To Institute Gun Control

    Well, if he's so interested in promoting civil war, his idea would do it.
  11. Baby Stroller CCW for MA

    I can see a charge of "child endangerment" in .a heartbeat in MA. A baby near a gun!!! OMG!
  12. First pistol need some thoughts

    I have a Canik TP9sf that I used in IDPA and USPSA. My wife, who also shoots, tried the trigger, loved it and then got an Elite subcompact. I figured "why not", so I got an Elite compact. We now have 3, the triggers are great, accurate, no malfunctions, and easy to handle. Side note: we also...
  13. Mossberg 930 - what’s your opinion

    Mine has been flawless.
  14. Washington DC 13-year-old shot, killed by homeowner after allegedly breaking into cars

    Parents were probably down in VA visiting with that 6 year old shooters parents.
  15. Anti gun statements by gunshop employees ?????

    This doesn't impact me at all, I left that pit state years ago. I can walk into any shop, buy any damn gun and any capacity mag I want.. But why even post this if the shop is not identified? Shops get away with this crap because no one will point the shops out. If you're not going to stand up...
  16. Pistol Magazines - Organizing 'em all

    For years I've used Ziploc plastic bags, labelled with what gun they are for. The bags then go into a large plastic bin. I have 2 bins, one labelled "9/40", the other ".45". When I go to the range, I reach into the bin and grab the bag for the gun I'm taking.
  17. Brockton man arrested in Dorchester on firearm, drug charges

    It's law enforcement and the prosecutors who don't get the "criminal thing."
  18. Mare's Leg

    I've looked at them, kinda like them, would like one, but I can't say why
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