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  1. No wonder why I despise religion...

  2. They don't want guns on the busses. Tell that to the criminal.

    It's the shots after the guy exited the bus and was trying to get away that are over the top. If that were in MA the driver would be out more than his job. Up to that point the driver did what he had to do to stay alive IMO.
  3. More "Ghost Guns" Seized In Mass Drug Bust

    I agree. But stop and think how many shipments must make it through??? The losses from these busts are obviously much less than the profits or drug trafficking would not be worthwhile.
  4. PSA shipping policies?

    There was a time not that long ago that they would ship to MA, but Maura scared them. Too bad, they have nice stuff at good prices. I bought one of their rifle kits and really like it.
  5. Construction loan recommendations

    I built my house 34 years ago so I am sure a lot has changed. But the main obstacle I faced was finding a bank or CU that would lend $$$ to a DIY person. Every bank I talked with wanted a general contractor on the job. I finally found ONE that would give me a loan with no GC. Built the house...
  6. Memorial day

    My father who was a WWII vet always referred to the holiday as "Decoration Day".
  7. Woman Shoots Man Armed With Crowbar During Road Rage Incident In Philadelphia

    Sadly you are probably correct. I am starting to think that in MA there is no such thing as a good shoot outside of your home (castle doctrine there at least). Anywhere else you are screwed. Especially a road rage incident, you will end up in jail. Even if you are about to be beaten to death...
  8. Amazon Safe works great….NOT

    And meanwhile here in the Commonwealth of MA......... Cheap POS Chinese Amazon fingerprint safe that will open for anybody including 6 year old kid, A-OK for storage in MA. Locked closet that 6 year old kid cannot open, not A-OK for storage in MA. Just one of many nonsensical MA requirements...
  9. There are two types of range officers.

    I have the same attitude when it comes to Boat Launches. I will not go near one on the weekends. Belligerent drunks prepping or unloading their boats right on the ramp, people cutting in line, sailboats stepping their masts on the ramp, blocking the ramp while they load their coolers, you will...
  10. There are two types of range officers.

    I am so grateful that I have a back yard range and don’t have to deal with that sort of BS. I am the RO at my range so I yell at myself when I do something stupid. :)
  11. Propaganda is working.

    I agree. He has been posting for over 15 years with over 1300 posts and over 1800 likes. I doubt a troll would have lasted that long. While the article and the poll are most likely BS it is good to keep an eye on all the opposition is up to. Because they certainly are keeping an eye on us. ;)
  12. Memphis Grizzlies Suspend Ja Morant After a Second Gun Video Surfaces

  13. Vehicle Undercoating

    Not sure about Woolwax/NH Oil, but Fluid Film is like paste out of the can. You need to warm it up just to pour it. I don't think an airless would cut it even with a large nozzle. I got this setup that is designed to spray fluid film. It works good but to get good volume I still have to crank...
  14. Vehicle Undercoating

    Yup, it is called "planed longevity" :)
  15. Vehicle Undercoating

    Right, but rust around the tail lights is really not a major concern. It is the structural things that I am keeping up on. If silt and crap can get in there, then Fluid Film can also.
  16. Vehicle Undercoating

    Not necessary. Fluid Film creeps. I have sprayed it in the lower rust proofing holes of my door. Then I needed to pull the interior panel to work on a speaker and it had defied gravity and crept upwards!!!
  17. Vehicle Undercoating

    That is not bad at all. If you keep up on the undercoating you have nothing to worry about.
  18. Vehicle Undercoating

    You have a nice heavy coat on there, he did a good job. You are set for at least a year..........
  19. Vehicle Undercoating

    Looks good!!! Just keep the power washer away from it. On my Chevy truck the Fluid Film softened the factory undercoating. A power washer or even a putty knife will take it off. After a few months it firms up a bit but never as hard as it was originally. If you take it through any car washes...
  20. Memphis Grizzlies Suspend Ja Morant After a Second Gun Video Surfaces

    He is a really good player and I like him on the court. But off the court the guy needs to get his s*#t together. He needs a new posse because this gangsta image and his present posse are going to get the guy thrown out of the NBA or thrown in jail. View:
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