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  1. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Man, talk about thread drift! :rolleyes:
  2. yo, yo, yo wonder who the hoe was ?

    That's a man.
  3. If you hate your shoulder, try this 4 Bore rifle to teach it a lesson!

    Yikes!!!! 200lbs. of recoil into the shoulder. Knock over most people and probably dislocate many shoulders too.
  4. VA Health Care Enrollment

    My local VA rep in my town was very instrumental in getting all my paperwork done and in. I got a confusing call from someone in PA asking questions and sicked them on my VA Rep. He took care of everything. After all the paperwork went through I needed to go ta VA doc for the final checkup...
  5. Nine for Eighty Colt 1911

    Really nice work. You are an artist.
  6. Who Lawrence Licensing Officer

    How did you know enough to make me the bald one?
  7. Who Lawrence Licensing Officer

    Student just emailed me to tell me that Soto contacted him to bring in his stuff tomorrow. So, maybe Soto and Scanlon are sharing the licensing duties. Pretty confusing.
  8. Who Lawrence Licensing Officer

    Thank you. The old web page comes up with Soto as the guy. I let my student know.
  9. Who Lawrence Licensing Officer

    I give up. I thought youse guys was smaht an' new evyting.
  10. Who Lawrence Licensing Officer

    This isn't for me. My student from an NRA Basic Pistol class isn't getting any replies from officer Soto, who is listed as the officer on the firearms web page. However if I bring up the Chief's page and see people listed for training and firearms, an officer Scanlon is listed as the licensing...
  11. Who Lawrence Licensing Officer

    Is the current firearms licensing officer in Lawrence Officer Soto or is it Officer Scanlon??
  12. Police Officer / Dispatcher job openings

    I saw that the dispatcher job needed a Covid vaccine but not sure if the Police job did.
  13. kydex iwb holsters

    I mostly go with Garrett Holsters in kydex. Leather lined and great people to deal with.
  14. KAG ARMS has great ammo prices

    Yeah, he's really good at ordering stuff. I asked for a particular gun at my price and I asked on a Thursday and picked it up on Sunday. How's that for service? Can't say he can do that for all models but the guy really tries to please.
  15. KAG ARMS has great ammo prices

    KAG ARMS, in THE MILL, has great ammo prices. Good time to start stacking. Prices aren't going to go to pre-Trump era. KAG has some nice 9mm ammo for $245/case of 1000 rounds. It's worth the trip. Nice prices on guns too. BTW, I have no affiliation with KAG, just a happy customer.
  16. New SIG P322

    I don't have this particular pistol but have been following a lot of threads about it. One thing that stood out was that great care needs to be used when loading the mags. I guess it's easy to not stack the rounds properly, leading to failures.
  17. Kenzie's Optics 10% Off Code

    Well, I got USPS tracking number from Kenzies in about two hours after ordering my Holoson sight. I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and estimated arrival is Monday.
  18. Kenzie's Optics 10% Off Code

    I just ordered a Holoson red dot from Kenzie's Optics in GA. Got 10% off and free shipping with the "First time buyer" promo code. Check them out. Competitive pricing and with the code and free shipping. It's a winner. Nice savings. I found that the code that they email to you doesn't work so...
  19. Biden VA go eff yourself

    My eye doctor's group at Massachusetts Eye Assoc. do not require masks. They are allowed if you wish but none of the staff wear them.
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