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  1. Need a trapper in Beford/Amersht area NH for Beaver

    I’m quite the beaver slayer.
  2. Nahant becomes first MA town to authorize shooting coyotes

    It’s weird Mass has a season. Here it’s see one, shoot one
  3. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Lots of big bucks on the cams I want to shoot on Saturday morning but this curious little deer will live on.
  4. Lighted nocks Mass

    How cruel of the Commonwealth, they really know how to be anti-fun. Few things are as fun as a warm summer night, a couple of cold ones and killing coyotes.
  5. Lighted nocks Mass

    Before thermals how did you guys hunt Coyotes without a red spotlight? Edit: Now that I think about it, if Coyote is always open and there isn’t a season I guess it wouldn’t be listed.
  6. Silencer use in MA

    I wonder if the feds passed and Mass decided to charge. I don’t have a lot of experience but I know of a case or two where the feds wouldn’t charge a machine gun case and the state could not do it on their own.
  7. Silencer use in MA

    Maxim called it a silencer. He kind of gets the call here.
  8. Silencer use in MA

    Wouldn’t the feds do the charging in this case. Like possession of an illegal machine gun?
  9. Recommend a good cellular game cam

    I went with Cuddeback, and I use a solar unit on the main camera and comms hub and on two others of the five networked cameras. The cool thing about Cuddeback is you can network 24 cameras to one cellular hub, that way you only pay 10 dollars per month. The solar has been good for over a year...
  10. Deer Hunting Simple Tips and Tricks

    My advice would be to get out in the woods and hunt. I feel like there is a lot of over thinking going on in this thread. If you’re in the woods you will get your deer. My receipts, nearly every deer I’ve killed since my first at age 13. My dad would chuckle every time we walked by these in...
  11. Anyone into eating beaver?

    *loves a dead beaver.
  12. Anyone into eating beaver?

    No way @drgrant loves beaver.
  13. Anyone into eating beaver?

    Fellow beaver eater.
  14. Anyone into eating beaver?

    Me on Beaver over watch. I’m a Beaver sniper. Something is wrong with my girlfriends camera btw, I have a full head of rock star hair.
  15. No elk but fun nonetheless

    My daughter lives in SLC and she’s hikes all over Utah. I’m always amazed by the Elk pics she send and then during hunting season you can’t find them anywhere. Hunt life for sure.
  16. .260 Rem

    I killed my first bear with 130 grain 308. Speed kills
  17. 308 Bullet weight for black bear?

    I can send you Hornady load data that has CFE223 100FPS hotter than VARGET with the 165s. Let me know and I can send you the data.
  18. 308 Bullet weight for black bear?

    I use Barnes TTSX. I loaded up both 130s and 150s and decided to go with the additional speed of the 130s. For what you have I would use the 165 SST and source some CFE 223 which is pretty easy to get right now. Although you won’t lose much velocity with the IMR 4895 based on looking at some...
  19. Thirty yard Black Bear encounter NC

    Who’s the retard?
  20. Thirty yard Black Bear encounter NC

    OP probably. View:
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