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  1. Manslaughter charges filed after kill shot fired 8 minutes post invasion. Wild story out of chesterfield MA.

    It might have been the humane thing to do. The guy was suffering, but not dead from the first shot. Put him out of his misery? We do it for deer or other wounded game
  2. Lets Settle This

    .308 For the sheer versatility of it. You can tune it up or down with light, fast bullets, or heavier ones. There are a million different bullets from just as many companies who make tipped or cored or solid or boat tailed or whatever the hell kind of bullet you want so you can dial it in for...
  3. What should I get in Maine?

    I love that not one of the responses (yet) has suggested anything gun-related. NES delivers
  4. What should I get in Maine?

    Lobsters. Get 'em now before they start molting. soft-shell lobsters in July suck
  5. Georgia gun dealer out

    What if just one of the guns he sold was used to SAVE a life? Over the course of time it's highly likely. MORE likely than that anything he sold would be used to commit crime
  6. LTC renewal issuance date forward dated?

    well, yeah. each license is good for the full seven six years. No more, or less.
  7. Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing ‘lone wolf’ actors

    Ahh, yes. All the gang banging thugs in Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Oakland, etc are all card-carrying MAGA Trump voters. My bad
  8. Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing ‘lone wolf’ actors

    How about instead of looking at the potential for right wing extremism, they do something about the real life day to day mayhem committed by the left, in cities all across America. Eliminate the actual left-wing crime, and the right won't have anything to potentially be extreme about.
  9. semi auto .22LR pistol recommendation

    Have you considered a conversion for one of your existing guns? I have their 1911 target conversion for my Sig TTT and it runs great. They have kits for 1911s, Glocks and XDs, and per the site have upcoming kits for p365 and Hellcat
  10. SR22 mag inserted backwards, now stuck.

    ack. perhaps use a dremel tool with cut-off wheel or something to cut the magazine apart? remove the smaller pieces without damaging the gun?
  11. SR22 mag inserted backwards, now stuck.

    Destroy magazine. Move on /thread
  12. The Bubba effect

    Why don't they just encourage these people to do donuts in the parking lot behind the mall, instead of taking over intersections, blocking ambulances, etc. Hell give out ribbons and trophies for best smokeshow or drift around the smallest circle. I don't care what tf they do, just don't do it...
  13. Terrifying moment gunman opens fire in broad daylight on Boston street sending people, including children, running for their lives

    But that then leads to the cycle of fatherless children without positive male role models. As these criminals serve their time, their babymamas raise the kids alone, on the dole. Everyone's living free or subsidized on the backs of the taxpayers, and yet they're somehow still victims
  14. U-Haul attack near White House He planned this. For six months: Is this just attempted suicide by cop? Because it wasn't much of a plan otherwise...
  15. Best Budget 9mm 1911?

    I don't have one but the Remington R1 Enhanced looks nice for the money.
  16. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    This is like one of those dumb Facebook poll questions: "If I break into your house and take what's on top of your refrigerator, what do I get?" Shot. You get shot.
  17. NYT: Here’s What We Can Do Now About Gun Violence

    Better to Remain Silent Lurk and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak put your opinion on-line and Remove All Doubt updated for 2023
  18. ADVERSARIES! Discuss your opposing firearms here!

    All my guns are American made. That actually came into my purchase decision-making when deciding to exercise my Second Amendment rights. S&W Ruger Sig Remington My ARs are all made from American components (uppers, lowers, barrels, triggers, etc.) No MilSurps. Everything is post 2008 I may...
  19. Typical U.S. media propaganda piece......Guns surrendered in Serbia

    insert Serbian hooker joke -- her name? Slobberdown Mycockyoubitch
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