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  1. Not/ Looking for S&W K frame trigger rebound/spring tool

    Jerry uses a Bic pen:
  2. 10 mm Comparison

    I have the Sig P220 Elite. It's all steel and SAO. Comfortable to shoot and a great Range gun and if I wanted a 10mm for Backpacking it would work well even considering the weight. I do want a P320 10 though. Can't justify the expense right now though.
  3. Road rage incident in Stoughton Lawful Gun owner defends himself

    Never go into a Mall or a 7-11.
  4. Mass resident buying rifle in RI with RI LTC. What's this 8 days stuff?

    It’s been that way for years. Waiting period.
  5. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    Not a good idea. They hear that and know where you are.
  6. WTS Ruger GP100 .44 Special

  7. Prep of The Day Thread

    Cleaver Plant: Have been pulling this weed out and tossing it for years. Now I find it has Herbal benefits. 'Like the dandelion, a wild plant called “cleavers” arrives in springtime. Cleavers is one of the most useful herbs in our home! She is an amazing spring cleanser and lymph mover...
  8. Best Budget 9mm 1911?

    I got mine years back slightly used, trading a G30 for it. It runs like a sewing machine for me with factory or handloads. Had no idea they have gone up in price that much
  9. Best Budget 9mm 1911?

    S&W Pro Series
  10. ‘Bad and Getting Worse’: Dianne Feinstein Is Losing Her Memory, Concerned Senate Sources Say

    She's like the Boxer who hung around for one fight too many.
  11. New Firearm Acquisition Thread May 2023

    Beretta A300 Patrol;
  12. WTB Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

    Found one. Thanks to Cape Gun Works for answering my add.
  13. WTB 32-20 Ammunition

    WTB 32-20 Ammunition. Buddy of mine just acquired a Winchester 73 from a family member. Would like some ammunition to test fire it. Located Fall River, Ma area.
  14. Mylar bag questions

    I use the heat seal bags. I heat seal about 75% of the bag. Insert a hose from a small shop vac and suck out the air. Then drop in a Oxygen Absorber and finish sealing the bag.
  15. Recommended 45ACP Target Projectiles?

    200 Gr. RNFP. Use them in .45 Colt and .45 ACP.
  16. Vermont passes law to make paramilitary training camps illegal.

    Ethan Allen and all the Green Mountain Boys just rolled over.
  17. Bluetooth Shot Timer

    Looking to upgrade our clubs shot timers to those that work with PractiScore. Ordered some from AMG 5 months ago. And no response from them when asking order status. Anyone have good luck with others? Range Tech or others?
  18. SOLD Benelli Super Nova Tactical

    Benelli Super Nova 12 Gauge pump with extended magazine. $400. only about 50 birdshot rounds thru her. Located New Bedford Mass area. All laws followed.
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