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  1. EPA going after Berkey filters

    Mine is in the Deep storage SHTF Conex. So I'm good for now.
  2. Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges: The indictment against the president's son comes after a plea agreement on tax and gun charges fell

    He was banging her while she was in the act of throwing it into the dumpster? Pretty kinky even for Hunter. LOL

    Me too. On a positive note I can always say all my guns were washed away in the 2023 flood.
  4. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    The New Mexico Bill of Rights ensures the Right to Bear Arms. Mexico Constitution.pdf And citizens may sue to bring claims against a Public body that violates that. 2021 New Mexico Statutes :: Chapter 41 - Torts :: Article 4A - New Mexico Civil Rights...
  5. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    Reminds me of when they were seizing guns in New Orleans because of the hurricane.
  6. Governor Healey asks residents to house migrant families amid growing shelter crisis

    The Governor can go perform an unnatural sex act on herself. Oh wait, I mean another unnatural sex act on herself.
  7. show us your 38 supers

    Series 80. IIRC I bought this from Fred Lotter back in the day.
  8. Who’s canning ?

    Doing some Refrigerator Dill Pickles this morning.
  9. New Bedford Man Arrested For Gun Possession For Second Time

    So much for the Bartley Fox law.
  10. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    The was a HD. 4420 sign on Dexter Rd. in Rochester next to the Sippican Rod & Gun sign for a few weeks now. Just saw some guy in a Rochester town car take it down.
  11. USPSA Dues Increase 85%

    I think they are funding National Matches on the backs of the average USPSA member who will never get there.
  12. USPSA Dues Increase 85%

    That looks like at least twice the rate of other clubs.
  13. USPSA Dues Increase 85%

    I believe our Area 7 Director voted against the Dues increase. Correct me if I'm in error.
  14. Shotgun for my wife. Need asvice

    Benelli A300. American manufactured version of the 1301 for less money. But as mentioned, decide what the purpose will be,
  15. IRS agent training death

    Buying lots of stuff: Armed IRS Agent Accidentally Kills Another Agent During Range Time
  16. Is this gun owner screwed?

    They only took one gun?
  17. Illinois: Where the First Amendment (and Second) go to die!

    Not Cash Bail and defund the Police too. Trifecta!
  18. Names like 'Gunner' and 'Colt' are controversial because of gun control claims baby naming site

    I have a Grandson whose middle name is 'Remington'.
  19. Chickens 2023

    Down to two hens after a Coyote attack this spring. Ordered some pullets from a local grain store but their supplier never came thru. Looking for some in SE Mass.
  20. quick question, what would be good to wrap lever rifle lever with besides leather?

    Before you wrap it with leather wrap electrical tape around it. The leather in direct contact with the bluing is not good.
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