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  1. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Good lord. That is some absurd “luck”
  2. Gunsmith recommendation for...

    Have you contacted northeast arms in Peabody? @sschevy
  3. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Yup I was standing in front of the statehouse next to one of the black posts/barriers with a sign.
  4. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    I texted my boss yesterday saying I need to take tomorrow off. She responds okay thanks. Done lol
  5. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Yeah it was disappointing for sure. I took the day off from work and left my wife and baby at home to attend. It was the least I could do.
  6. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Good luck with that. You’ll be waiting awhile lol
  7. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    I’ll be wearing carhartt pants and a black CZ sweatshirt if anyone spots me lol
  8. Gunbroker Nightmare

    This is what I was going to ask
  9. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

  10. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Dumb question but does anyone know how long these rallies go for? I know it starts at 11 but trying to plan ahead the train schedule leaving North Station and when to leave etc. Also another dumb question but I assume we can bring backpacks etc? Need to pack food and water etc.
  11. Dick's in Maine

    This. No offense to the OP but damn where have you been? Living under a rock? 😂
  12. WTS SOLD PENDING FUNDS 9mm ammo priced to move

    Location: Gloucester - Woburn area Selling the following brass cased 9mm ammo (not breaking up) and includes the MTM plastic ammo can. 200 rounds of Fiocchi 115 gr FMJ in Fiocchi ammo can 200 rounds of ZVS 124 gr FMJ 100 rounds of Federal 115 gr FMJ 50 rounds of Magtech 124 lead round nose 37...
  13. WTS Romanian Tokarev Pistol w/ammo

    Location: Gloucester - Woburn area. Selling my 1953 Romanian Tokarev TT33 pistol chambered in 7.62x25. It comes with two 8 round mags and 225 rounds of quality 90 gr XTP hollow point reloads. Very accurate ammo with great expansion. I just never shoot this gun anymore which is why I’m selling...
  14. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Anyone shoot 38 spl 158 gr SWC ammo? A very well known and respected bullet maker/ammo company has their 38 spl reloads in stock again. Free shipping and no sales tax to MA. 1k rounds is $296 shipped. Not sure if the price is anything special. Just thought I’d mention it.
  15. Good day to hit the Range

    Shot another 70 rounds of 357 mag today. Definitely reliable now with the heavier hammer spring. Had to shoot through the tall grass to hit my 8" steel at 60 yards 😂 They haven’t cut the grass in awhile
  16. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    13.04(1)(e) says you have to keep it locked up and in original packaging.
  17. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    I believe it is a fire code regulation not in MGLs.
  18. Rock Island Auction Company

    Except for Poulin Auctions in Maine - f*** them. After charging my credit card, they decided that they couldn’t ship a Dan Wesson revolver, even though I had a dealer lined up. Then they contacted the firearms records bureau to inquire about the legality. That’s when I decided to cut my losses...
  19. Rock Island Auction Company

    Ya you’ll get no complaints from me. They also didn’t pull any oh you’re from MA we can’t ship this or it’s not MA compliant (Desert Eagle isn’t obviously)
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