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  1. Who carries a .380?

    Shoulder holster?
  2. Who carries a .380?

    No. Stole it from the interwebs.
  3. Who carries a .380?

    Handling (grip comfort, weight, slide manipulation), recoil, follow-up shot accuracy, concealability, comfort and cost are what matters. I don’t care about stopping power as hit location and number of hits matters more than individual round stopping power. Also, I think with the right defensive...
  4. Who carries a .380?

    Using my necromancy to resurrect this thread for reasons. Wife is getting her LTC. She shoots my Glock 19 when we go to the range. It's about the biggest she is comfortable shooting. Doesn't like my Sig 220 or HK45 nor the G17 (too heavy, too much recoil, too big/bulky). I'm thinking of picking...
  5. IWI Carmel, a new 5.56 assault rifle from Israel

    I’ll take a look at that foreend. Having said that, the weight doesn’t bother me.
  6. IWI Carmel, a new 5.56 assault rifle from Israel

    Who cares what they look like, they serve a very valid purpose, in that you get a shorter overall package which is useful for mounted, urban and room clearing operations while maintaining effective barrel length to get the most velocity out of ammunition. Also, don’t have to SBR, but that’s...
  7. 1911 Which one?

    Stupid question as I’m not really familiar with 1911’s. I own a Sig 220 and an HK45c, never got interested in 1911’s until recently. What’s the issue with a “series 80”? What are the other options? Saw someone mention series 70?
  8. Video - Guy Gets Carjacked Right Inside His Own Home Garage

  9. Secret Service Responds To Report Of Armed Protester Outside Biden’s Home

    Good for him. He's exercising his 2nd amendment right and his 1st amendment right. I also agree with everything on that sign. The one thing that is missing is "Impeach Biden".
  10. Police agencies tangle over guns recovered in MGM Springfield’s garage

    What a bunch of BS. So, in both cases you have licensed gun owners who ran afoul of “storage” laws and eventually had the cases dismissed.
  11. Reasons for application

    I told her to check Unrestricted and just put "All Lawful Purposes" for the reason, but she won't listen to me. I told her I would post on NES and ask the question. I guess I could tell her to list "self-defense/concealed carry due to where she works/commutes" as well as .
  12. Reasons for application

    My wife is applying for her LTC (finally). The application asks for reasons for issuance and has language that says All Lawful Purposes won't be acceptable. Not sure if this is older language on an application form that can be ignored, if recent legal challenges have changed anything, or what. I...
  13. HK reintroduces the SL8

    Zeroed the SL8, now to be officially referenced as the G36 (Black Ops Defense redid the model designation/nomenclature on the receiver when they worked on it). Went with a 50/200 zero on the BUIS, which is what I have standardized on all my rifles if they have BUIS (optics will have different...
  14. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    My response to all Marxists and Communists: View:
  15. Another straw for bud light/liberty safe

  16. Which current production revolver for carry?

    I have a tactical fanny pack that can be set cross chest or belted across the waist. I can carry my G19 or HK45C in that, along with a tactical flash light, pepper spray, and a folding knife. As to revolvers, I have a S&W .357 TRR8 though I don’t carry that yet. Looking for a good shoulder rig...
  17. HK reintroduces the SL8

    And the SL8 to G36 conversion is finished. Now to test fire and zero it and get a ridiculously expensive optic on it to keep with the theme of HK hates you so f*** you if you’re poor. For reference, 20” barrel cut down 18” and a surefire brake installed. Converted to use double stack Stanag...
  18. You Could Say I Am a Sniper Now ...

    Why a 2.5-15x for something you won’t shoot with past 150 yards? What size target? Why not a LPVO or even a red dot/holo and 3x magnifier?
  19. Who makes a good 2x (lower mag) scope?

    Slightly off-topic, but adjacent to the OP’s questions: I’m looking for a top of the line LPVO for my HK SL8/G36 conversion. Trijicon VCOG 1-8 or Nightforce ATACR F11-8x or Swarovski Z8i 1-8 Anyone with experience with any of them? I understand the Trijicon is a tank, but heavy and the...
  20. Maine vs New Hampshire vs Pennsylvania [hypothetical move]

    My understanding of the no carrying in restaurants is it is actually no carrying in bars and places that serve alcohol. However, if the place primarily serves food and alcohol also happens to be served, like the majority of restaurants, then it is allowed. Signage isn’t binding either in FL as...
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