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  1. My new Colt M1917

    You’ve really got a piece of history there. I’m impressed. I’ve got to get a C&R license. These are the kind of guns that appeal to me the most.
  2. Retro/Fixed Carry Handle AR15s Pictures and discussion thread

    I like these. I’ll give you a shot of mine tomorrow morning. I’m trying to get the little monster to bed now. My service time was 85-94 so I’m a carry handle aficionado too. I don’t trust scopes. GPS is for geeks too. Give me a map, compass, and protractor and I’ll find anything! Jesus I’m...
  3. Cowboy Up! Colt Commander

    Stunning. I really appreciate your work.
  4. Your most HATED handgun to fully disassemble ?

    Getting it apart, no problem. Getting the slide back on and lining up the barrel grooves? I’d rather have a flaming pineapple shoved up my...
  5. Spanish Mauser

    Looks like a Model 1895 but it’s only a cursory look and I’m not an expert. What’s the caliber? I’m guessing 7x57?
  6. 3 inch revolver for ccw?

    Thread 'Revolvers' WTS - Revolvers
  7. 3 inch revolver for ccw?

    Find an old S&W Model 13 or 65 in 3” length. Good luck though.
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