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  2. Gun & Knife; (Photos and Descriptions Only Please...)

    Lil Miss Elsie + Karambit: [grin]
  3. Leatherman Tool & Knife Thread

    Mine: I hadn't noticed how worn the bottom of my case got. I almost lost it once, not because of that, but I was in a hurry to get out the door to a bike ride I managed to put it on my belt upside down. [rolleyes] Fortunately, it fell out right at the beginning of the ride, where I managed...
  4. Knife Forum on NES?

    I'm pretty much Kuntao exclusively now, for a few reasons, but even managed to slide away from that. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to show my face again at class, so I went in on a Saturday morning. Since I'd been a gym regular and riding the bike, I got cocky and figured I could just...
  5. Knife Forum on NES?

    Funny that you should post a link back to TFW, since both of those blades were IIRC gifts from Ron for giving him a hand with some stuff! That particular sword is one of the first he sold when he started the blades business.
  6. Knife Forum on NES?

    For giggles I tried to enter it manually: Page not found error.
  7. Knife Forum on NES?

    In the new forum, the Post New Thread button seems to be missing.
  8. Knife Forum on NES?

    My Filipino stuff (including the aforementioned karambit that lives on the nightstand):
  9. Knife Forum on NES?

    That's the one in my bike bag.
  10. Knife Forum on NES?

    I have a Leatherman tool on my belt, a Kershaw flipper in my bike bag, and a karambit on my nightstand. [grin]
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