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  1. WTB Fishing Rod & Reel

    WTB Saltwater fishing gear for trolling. 80lb class boat rod and reel, Penn International 80 or Senator 12/0 (115 or 116) or equivalent, and maybe a gaff I would also consider a 130lb class setup. Must be straight butt for a 30 degree rod holder Reels must be compatible for Ele-Tra-Mate or Fish...
  2. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

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    Make an offer if your interested
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  9. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

    Pre New Year Bumps
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  11. WTB pop up camper in good working shape

    What's your tow vehicle and budget? How many people? Plenty of A-Liner scammer ads on CL
  12. WTB pop up camper in good working shape

    Pop up? Would that be like a submarine? Not many that are not leakers, and usually full of mold.
  13. WTT Delete

    SOLD - Delete
  14. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

    Goose Bumps
  15. WTB Trolling Motor for parts

    WTB Non working large long mount trolling motor for fish finder transducer testing. I had a large one that I got at a side of the road yard sale that I gave to a friend that scrapped it for beer money. What do you have? Thanks
  16. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

  17. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

    TT Here's an interesting $$$ one. I'm not sure if it's an assisted electric bike type vs all electric winding. Daiwa | SEABORG 500MJ I need to start a "Go Fish Me" page!
  18. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

  19. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

  20. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

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