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  1. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    GOAL's lobbying efforts certainly do help to REDUCE the damage done in bills that are in play. GOAL isn't powerful enough to get pro-2A bills to pass, but they mitigate potential damage and do a good job at that. I agree as I stated above.
  2. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    I suggest reading this article by Charlie Cooke. It explains what we are up against and why we will not win the hearts and minds of the low-information voters due to the corrupt politicians and media. Only the courts can save us. .
  3. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Even if 100,000 showed up on a weekend day, you'd get almost no media coverage and no opportunity to do a FTF with a legistraitor or aide. Better to have 2-400 show up on a weekday even if you can't meet with a legistraitor. I was at the state house rally in 1999 when we had 5,000 show up...
  4. Another range suicide

    Of course that website is in the UK where guns are banned, so the BS in that article should be expected. Those sites should focus on crap on their side of the pond, they know nothing about the culture or laws on our side of the pond.
  5. Shoulder holsters, whatcha got?

    A lot of shoulder holsters are not comfortable, tend to dig in under the armpit. The only one I found to be usable/comfortable back when I wore a sport jacket a lot was the Galco Miami Vice or the Jackass model.
  6. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    That's some pretty slow walking!
  7. Is Reading "Off-Topic" Restricted to Registered or Paid Members Only?

    Thank you for the explanation. I can fully understand that it is probably a wise decision. I'm not advocating a change of policy.
  8. Is Reading "Off-Topic" Restricted to Registered or Paid Members Only?

    I was just going to send a link to our Backyard Brewery get-together (in Off Topic) to a friend who isn't registered on NES. So I tried to access the link from a browser without logging into NES. It turns out that Off-Topic is restricted to registered or paid members only. Is this intentional...
  9. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    See my reply to this in Post #41.
  10. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    I guess it is personal preference, but I leave them in factory boxes and in ammo cans.
  11. Moved to NH, but my MA LTC hasn't expired it still valid?

    We moved and notified a few years ago, my late Wife's LTC doesn't expire until 2025 and is still active (with NH address). At an ground-breaking in our former MA town, I was talking with the deputy police chief (a person known to me and my Wife) and told him of my Wife's passing. I guarantee you...
  12. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    Not generally true. Only a couple of places (Boston I think is one) would do an "inspection". My former MA town issued them no sweat and no investigations/inspections. I held one from ~1976 until ~2020. Now in Free America, I don't need any permits and nobody cares what you have.
  13. Boston LTC Renewal

    Notify - yes Surrender LTC - NO!
  14. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    Yes, I had a powder & ammo permit from my FD in MA for all the years I was there. It was very easy and cheap. MGL says that you can't allow access by any unlicensed person to ammo or components. Thus, locking up everything is the easy way to do this. I agree that most folks ignore it however.
  15. Moved to NH, but my MA LTC hasn't expired it still valid?

    Might be useful to prove status to non-belieing FFL.
  16. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    It's in Hudson, not Nashua. They're having a grand re-opening on 9/30.
  17. Wonder when ma is going to jump

    I completely agree. Keith is a staunch 2A supporter. He operates his store to abide only with Fed and NH laws.
  18. Moved to NH, but my MA LTC hasn't expired it still valid?

    Not legally. If the PD wants to be a PITA, they can suspend/revoke/expire it early. As Mike says, the LTC (even if expired, but not if revoked/suspended) is a permanent exemption from criminal prosecution if found with a gun or spent .22LR casing in MA! Perhaps the PD gets off on making sure...
  19. Escape from the Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts

    Like you, I did plenty in my 40+ years as a gun owner in MA. I was the GOAL club rep for 3 different clubs for a total of >15 yrs, attended 2 of the 3 rallies in 1999 (State House and Carver MA), had my state rep and his aid visit me at my house to discuss 2A issues, had a 2+ hr meeting with the...
  20. CMP 1911 Sales Program - Round 4 - Still Only Not for MA Citizens

    Curio & Relic guns are aimed and priced to a market of collectors. If you want a shooter, buy one of the $500 1911s mfd by dozens of companies. Those that buy CMP guns or any C&R gun are buying it for the provenance or historical collectability. It isn't a competitor to the currently...
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