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  1. Big E…no Guns no business

    Are they still fighting over who gets the sheep first 🤔
  2. Joe Biden to Announce Executive Level Gun Control Office - Office of Gun Violence Prevention

    Will the illegals need guns when they already started to practice killing our kids in day care with fentanyl 🤔
  3. Question on Interstate transport of firearms for a friend

    It's only legal if you put one of these on the rear window behind the driver add a little "s" or multiple stickers if you have more than one !!!

    I'm talking all my wood stocks off, so they don't float down the street [rolleyes]
  5. Governor Healey asks residents to house migrant families amid growing shelter crisis

    Will the residents of Mass & Cass be taking in a few 🤔 Can a few be housed on broken down MBTA trains 🤔
  6. Anyone now where I can find old police night stick locally?
  7. Hundreds of Gun Dealers Lose Licenses Under Biden Administration Crackdown

    Does this apply to back ally and street corner dealers in Dorchester and Brockton after 2am [popcorn]
  8. Governor Healey asks residents to house migrant families amid growing shelter crisis

    Are Healey and Wu now human traff*cker's 🤔
  9. Natick Police big gun bust

    Great thread ... I recommend all non NES member contributors for paid NES membership !!! [wave]
  10. Dog attack - How would you handle?

  11. Dog attack - How would you handle?

    I always carry at least one ham bone :cool:
  12. Deals and steals

    Half price [banana]
  13. I need to get me an F16.
  14. Hiking holsters

    Be prepared! View...
  15. What is your "Long Range" Rifle Platform?

    Long Range !!!
  16. Evolv security scanner?

    Could the scanner be looking for crazy eye's 🤔
  17. New York woman shot, killed by homeowner after car she was in pulled into wrong driveway

    I can't believe this....what if she was (not that she was) a Happy Birthday Hooker 🤔
  18. Deals and steals

    A $1.3M CC has certainly revolutionized the market [rolleyes] It's either a pre-indictment model, or something my next wife will buy me as a tender to get to her boat [rolleyes] Maybe they have the NES budget model here 🤔
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