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  1. Illinois Sh*t Show Begins

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  2. Illinois Sh*t Show Begins

    It's appalling the degree to which we're following the same dog-eared script.
  3. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    ...because it IS. And they're quite pleased and proud to TELL you so: This isn't me postulating. And WEF - despite the name - isn't a talking shop of eggheads, it's the wealthiest of the swells deciding how to control the peasants, i.e. US. I've...
  4. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    It's not stupidity. They're doing it on purpose.
  5. Somebody lost a good woman

    Archie Bunker was supposed to have celebrated his fiftieth birthday in a 1974 episode of All in the Family. I'm three years older than that right now. [shocked]
  6. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    ...and starvation and disease will be biggest in the one coming as well. Unless nukes.
  7. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    The IDEAL case is a divorce - preferably of the velvet variety. That won't happen: the Establishment won't let it. The warring factions will be the Country Mice (who grow the food, etc.) versus the (all-appetite, and little else) City Rats, with the latter allied with (cuz supported by) the...
  8. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    It's a LOT more complex than a mere invasion. And as will be the case with our coming civil war, there are (and have been) outside influences, as well - the role of the United States is not insubstantial, for example.
  9. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    Correct. And it will escalate - maybe slowly then quickly, maybe just quickly. Eventually food/water/electricity for the cities will be attacked, and that's when Quickly. Incorrect. A substantial portion of Ukraine's population is ethnically Russian. "Ethnically" matters TONS in a goodly...
  10. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    The dustup of the 1860s was NOT a civil war, it was a thwarted independence. The one that's coming - and it IS coming - will be the for-real variety, and commanded/fueled/funded on the Empire side by the Globalists. I'm anticipating total causalities in the forty million range, more if they...
  11. Nope. Not having any of that Bruen stuff in California.

    They're going to pack the Court. As with Arizona, they'll get a bunch of this shit cued up, knowing it'll take a few years to work its way through. They fully intend to run the Donkeytron Cheat-O-Matic at full speed in 2024, owning the White House and both chambers. And then the Court. As I...
  12. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    I look forward to seeing, hearing, and smelling her public execution.
  13. The Right To Keep & Bear Arms Also Includes Knives Disguised as a dance, it was performed with blades between the toes.
  14. Names like 'Gunner' and 'Colt' are controversial because of gun control claims baby naming site

    What about Kinsey?
  15. NES mega millions pool August 4 drawing

    I thought @Broc was taking charge. Everyone's still mad at me for having the nerve to bring up potential tax pitfalls of what had been proposed.
  16. NES mega millions pool August 4 drawing

    The problem is someone started talking about sharing winnings with the group only if the ticket hits above a certain threshold. If the IRS got wind of that - and you can bet there are spies amongst the NES user base (and not only Maura's) - that opens the door to the argument that the ticket...
  17. NES mega millions pool August 4 drawing

    Honestly, I wish we had done this the way we had done it in the past: essentially as a group buy. Someone volunteers to play coordinator, we chuck a bunch of money at that person, that person goes to the local Kwik-E-Mart and buys the tickets, and if the sum of what's won exceeds a threshold...
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