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  1. Plating and coatings and gas checks, OH MY!

    I thought about that once a long time ago. So the barrel acts as a cage, kind of retaining everything in a specific shape. Also while in the barrel, it retains a specific r.p.m.. Would rpm's not increase with magnum loads once it leaves the barrel and is "uncaged"? Ballon out if its plated or...
  2. Plating and coatings and gas checks, OH MY!

    I haven't seen much in the way of jacketed stuff for .38 going past 1200 or so. Maybe really light bullets like 85 gr, but a lot of the common stuff like jacketed 125's and 158 rarely make it over 1100. 9 I don't load because honestly its still relatively inexpensive to buy. Using Fed 155 gr...
  3. Low profile retention holster

    This guy might have somethin-
  4. Savage Arms makes a 1911? Who knew?

    I'll see your ugly as shit cocking serrations and raise scales
  5. 10mm or 45 ACP

    Mash both together .40 Super .400 Corbon
  6. Savage Arms makes a 1911? Who knew?

    It was an ugly contest
  7. Savage Arms makes a 1911? Who knew?

    I think Savage lost the bid to Colt for the .gov contract for 1911's about 100 years ago? Could be mistaken. Not sure why they weren't contracted for the war effort like Remington was.
  8. FN is finally getting their act together!

    So......... From the website- Operation: DOUBLE ACTION, STRIKER FIRED Thats a tough sell. Odd considering its a striker fired. I see a slide release and a takedown lever. So how does the striker not lock back after loading a mag and chambering a round? Trigger Pull: 5.5 - 7.7 lbs I'm guessing...
  9. Cheap ammo accuracy

    Like at 200 yds or 10 feet. Let me know if its at 200 so I can back out.
  10. Cheap ammo accuracy

    If your goal is to sink several into an 8" X 11" zone, then no. A hits a hit. If you want a baseball sized group at 200+, then yes, ammo matters. You might get minuets of pie plate with the cheap stuff.
  11. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    Red Dots. Can't be to careful. A handgun is there, for you to get to your rifle. A tactical machete is there to get to your anti-tank weapons and rotary flamethrower. I'm the Juggernaut.
  12. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    Any gun you carry is not enough gun. Ever. Thats why I carry a Machete. With a red dot on it. And it has a bayonet. Tomahawk as a backup. Feel adequate carrying? I'm the goddam boogeyman.
  13. What's up with this used LCR 22lr on GB?

    Run away from this thing man Enlarging that one picture can show a lot more. Not worth the hassle, anything local you can at least handle and look at?
  14. What's up with this used LCR 22lr on GB?

    Is that cylinder hand chewed up as well?
  15. What's up with this used LCR 22lr on GB?

    Probably garbage under the extractor, judging by the turd mark below the firing pin. Extractor cutting into your aluminum frame Little Crappy Pistol? Sell it on Gunstroker and let someone else deal with it!
  16. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    At least once a month But caliber usually devolves into Shield EZ vs. Hipoint. So I have 6 of each. YEET!
  17. 460 Rowland

    Necro thread time Starting a project to get back in the swing of things. Baby steps. Found an online vendor for brass, ordered 200 cases. Starline. Looks like I can use my current .45 dies to load. Might order another set because I hate adjusting the SqDeal. Might have a frame providing I...
  18. Bullet Mold Porn ✊💦

    Thats a nice wide flat nose for pins.
  19. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Might open up the door for other rimless cartridges like 10mm. Wonder what a .400 Corbon or .460 Rowland could do out of one of those.
  20. Which 38/357 magnum dies?

    Yep. Better off with a different set maybe? Website says- Carbide Die Orders Placed AFTER 9/1/2022: 9mm 42+ weeks
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