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  1. Number of new .45ACP guns introduced vs 9MM in the past 5 years?

    Because metric sucks and everybody knows it. The more we move to the metric system the worst this country is getting. Commies use the metric system and being a commie sucks.
  2. Today’s finest gun manufacturer is…

    I had a VP9. It was a great shooter but at least mine was ammo picky. I used my middle finger for the paddle release. For me it was almost instinct with no effort on my part. However, I bought something else and had to send it down the road.
  3. The left is insane…

    That's truly the only answer that you can come up with for these people. I could never fathom the thought process that a lot of these people have. When Trump was in office all they did was say how the government is nothing more than a bunch of Nazis. But then they wanted the same government to...
  4. Diane Goldman Feinstein won't be down for her morning bagel.

    The only question is does she vote for Brandon or Newsome in the next election.
  5. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    What a moron. What a half wit [rofl] [rofl] [rofl] [rofl] OMG how stupid [rofl][rofl][rofl]
  6. Somebody lost a good woman

    Drugs are bad Mkay. So don't do drugs. Everyone needs to listen to Mr Mackey on this one.
  7. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I ended up buying 150rnds of ww-nato. It was $35 and I like that ammo. But I've pulled back most of my purchases with pretty much everything that's non essential. I'm trying to make major head way in paying off bills this year and next.
  8. Somebody lost a good woman

    I see Gods birth control in action right here. By the time your drunk enough nothing is going to work.
  9. i'm wondering why people need a rotation of carry guns

    A sig 365 for cc. A Gen4 19 for everything else. If I get around to it I'll probably pick up a 43x and switch it out with the 365 as I predominantly shoot glocks and have since at least 2015.
  10. Our Next President

    Trump will never be president again. The only reason he's not in jail today is because there would be a major issue with secret service. They will jail him if they have too, assassinate him if they must.
  11. The RAT list has increased

    I can't believe that guy is still in business. What an A-Hole he is. I haven't been there in well over 10 yrs.
  12. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    There is a lesson to be learned from this. Don't let crazy a-hole women lead you off a cliff while you do their dirty work for them.
  13. CNN - Communist News Network is a Dumpster Fire

    They just can't help themselves. It was always going to be a battle between reporting the news and their crazy left wing propaganda. We now see which side won.
  14. Why do so many Americans keep dying in traffic accidents.

    That's easy to answer. Because retarded people who don't know their retarded walk amongst us and pretend to be normal. The level of stupid in this world is unreal.
  15. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    It wouldn't surprise me if they lose there case but still try to enforce their rules. Probably threaten everyone without enforcement. Kinda like the 7/16 nonsense.
  16. Mass AWB’s days are numbered

    Your right but you have to put this in the proper light. We have never had (at least in the last 20yrs) a real R in office. Yes we have had Republicans but it would be an insult to rinos to call them rinos. And even if we had a real conservative in office it wouldn't matter. The state legislator...
  17. Mass AWB’s days are numbered

    Unfortunately we live in a state run by hard core leftist. Most of the judges are bought and paid for. We make up about 30ish % of the state when it comes to voting. Our guy or girl loses every time. The moderates are for the most part gone. We complain about the former Seal who is nothing but a...
  18. Wasn't Bruce Tarr on our side at one point?

    This is massachusetts. Nobody is on our side.
  19. No wonder why I despise religion...

    So I guess the pedophila issue is allset than right? Time to move on to other things? How a bout fix your own house before pointing to any other issues.
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