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  1. Congressman Bowman pulls fire alarm to interrupt vote in Congress
  2. Youtuber gets in guy's face.....gets shot

    Some others of the You Tube pranks have gone bad as well.
  3. Springfield, MA - Bodycam Video of the Fatal Officer Involved Shooting of William Tisdol on 02/25/23

    Well known in Hartford as the "hit man" multiple felon, drug dealer, beat a homicide rap. Many cases over 20 years old. The clock ran out.
  4. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Hmmmmm....well....since 1968 when the Democrats went for a damn near total gun ban, revealing their true intentions, how many gun owners here, and for that matter across the entire country, continued, and continue, to vote for Democrats? Roughly close to 95% of gun owners in America have never...
  5. Moving to Lowell

    Gone now. Bowling alley there now. The DEA and the Tewksbury Police tried to take the property from the family and he beat them in court.
  6. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally
  7. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally
  8. Moving to Lowell

    Do not, under any circumstances, subject your children to the Lowell School systems.
  9. Biden DOJ Floats New Rule To Crack Down On Private Gun Sellers

    Remember, the Left has stated that the SCOTUS is a MAGA court and should be ignored.
  10. Joe Biden to Announce Executive Level Gun Control Office - Office of Gun Violence Prevention
  11. Boston City Council considering new ways to curb gun violence🙄

    I just don't understand what the problem is. Most of these bad guys are repeat offenders so stop playing around with them and take away they LTC cards and problem solved.
  12. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

    The Dems have a realistic shot at retaking the house. The Republican Party is now too fractured and has lost a good part of its base to MAGA.
  13. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    So, the Civil War should not have been fought?
  14. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

    JFC.......Lets not get led around by nose rings shall we....... More than 85% of the media are leftist communists in this country. Boebert has been targeted by the Leftist media as the view her seat as winnable. In 22 the bulk of attack ads against Boebert by her challenger came from out of...
  15. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

    We can't let the pass the Grey Poupon crowd control the narrative. We need people now who have had enough of the leftist madness and stand up and say hold my beer. We truly have come to this.
  16. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew"

    Never forget that Liberals are the inventors and the purveyors of hate speech and use it to prevent free speech.
  17. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew"

    I'm an armed mongrel......
  18. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew" Really, there is nothing wrong in pointing out that the majority of Jewish people vote and identify as Liberal. Even the Jewish community says it. When I point out that a majority of well to do white women...
  19. Is there a reporting procedure for a buyer who doesn't complete his side and doesn't pay?

    I "think" "doesn't complete" means he backed out of the deal and therefore didn't pay.
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