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  1. Who was the funny guy

    Nope, we have to pay $50 for the extra power!
  2. Any reason not to wash brass?

    [rofl][laugh2][rofl][laugh2] That's funny right there!
  3. Sharpening a Kukri

    Honestly, it's not that I think I "need" a sharpening system. I do quite a good job as it is, and hell I already have hundreds and hundreds of dollars tied up in my stones. I guess I'm looking for maybe something that would be good for putting an edge back, possibly putting an edge on a blank...
  4. Sharpening a Kukri

    Sharpening knives is some what of a hobby of mine. It's fun to always try to get to that next level of sharp. As I shave with a straight razor, keeping a perfect edge is a necessity, not a luxury. I have stones that go all the way up to 16,000 grit, and put them all to use while honing a razor...
  5. Les Stroud - Off the Grid

    +1 There's a big difference between living off the grid, and being self sufficient. Off the grid simply means being unattached to municipal utility services.
  6. Anyone loading 125gr poly coated bullets in 9mm?

    I use them in 40 and 45. I just use the same powder I do for jacketed bullets, and load them with the same charge. I have not experienced any leading issues, even shooting them out of my Glocks.
  7. Another Food Storage Question

    No the O2 absorbers all came in one sealed bag. What I did though, was simply took out what I was going to need, put them into a canning jar with a lid, and resealed the plastic bag with my iron. Then I just took them out of the canning jar, replacing the lid between each bucket. Inside the...
  8. Powder Questions

    My powder choice for 223 was easy, I already used IMR 4895 for my 308 reloads, so I tried it in 223 and I was happy with the results. Not having to stock another powder brand/type was a nice bonus as well. H110 works well in 30 carbine, and 44 Mag. Another winner. 45ACP was a bout of testing...
  9. Another Food Storage Question

    I have only ordered once, but I basically got a lifetime supply of both to save money. I got them here
  10. Another Food Storage Question

    I agree with Doobie. In running tests on my own, rice and beans will stay fresh and good for easily more than a year once opened if kept dry. If it gets to the point of having to break into your LTS (long term storage) food, you will use up a 5 gallon bucket way faster than it will go bad. I...
  11. Preparing for Winter

    The main down side to this, is that circuit breakers in your panel can and do fail. So even if you think you have it clicked off, and it is bad (which you would never know) you will be back feeding power into the grid, and the poor sap who was called away from his wife, 2 kids and one on the way...
  12. Poll: What ammo would you buy if it were from a MA factory?

    +1 I'm personally hurt!
  13. Scenario-Blizzard

    This ones pretty easy. With the ability of the state and town plow services the roads would be kept up pretty well, and we would see a minimum of down time if any at all. I guess the only thing I would do is go to the store and get some more beer. Even if I didn't have the chance, I have 6...
  14. Shotgun deer season

    Went out this morning. I got out into the woods right at shooting time. I found a little sign on the trail, so I hung a sent tab, and doused it with doe piss. I walked about 40yds back, and sat on a rock until about 9:30am. I didn't see anything, though I thought I heard something a few times...
  15. .25-06 anyone?

    +1 RKG for using the word embrittlement in a sentence! [smile]
  16. military brass - newbie question

    Are you sure the brass is boxer primed and not beridan primed? Look into the case under good light. If there are 2 small flash holes it is beridan primed. It's not worth the effort to reload this brass. If you see one hole, and the primers are just very hard to push out, simply crank down the...
  17. Reloading military brass

    It all depends on how hot your are reloading, what firearm you are shooting it in, how sloppy your chamber is, neck/full length resizing, how often you have to trim? The list goes on. I have some LC brass that I processed as once fired, and have 5-6 loads on it, and is still in great shape. I...
  18. RCBS Customer Service

    I'm sure I used the right rod because I have swaged 7.62 brass since I bent the small one. Just operator error I'm sure, and being used to using the heavier (and stronger) larger rod. The smaller one is just a bit more delicate.
  19. Ammo stockpile...?

    Well I only have the one 1901 revolver, the others were lost in the boat accident. It's a pretty good revolver though, when you can break the rust free, the cylinder will move a bit but sometimes it just falls out the other side. I'm sure it will work though.
  20. Ammo stockpile...?

    Amen brother, that being said, I only keep 1 round for my 1 revolver at all times. That's all I will ever need!
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