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  1. Letter from Plymouth PD today

    It was coincidental. The letter is dated the 24th. They went out on Monday the 28th.
  2. Plymouth capt. loses his duty gun

    It's like bringing you kid to a public bathroom. You NEVER take your eyes off it.
  3. New York Pistol Permit Holder Raw Data List Leaked to Internet

    The users and keepers of databases can never be trusted. Look at this article with the latest abuses. Police misuse database: Number of officers accused of misusing state driver database skyrockets -
  4. Why do Police Departments make obtaining LTC so difficult ?

    Simple. The system was designed to restrict or deny you your civil rights.
  5. Police Opinion on New Gun Laws

    Well said, brother. 28 years here and I can't agree with you more. The recent political BS has dragged me out of the woodwork. My blood pressure is sky high. Welcome to NES.
  6. I know Mass sucks and all but.......

    I'm willing to bet that Cambridge or some other bastion of fascism will release their info.
  7. Plymouth, MA. Yes, that is correct! October 6 & 7

    Yup, I was there. How could I miss a gun show in my own town. And no, I didn't work the detail[wink] I picked my brother up at 8, we had breakfast and then went and stood in line for about 15mins. It moved quick. I knew parking was going to be a problem so I parked on the main road heading...
  8. Woburn Police Officer Shot

    Rest in peace, Brother. Hell of a retirement.
  9. Harvard, MA Appleseed April 17-18 2010

    Just got in the door. Shower and BED!
  10. Harvard, MA Appleseed April 17-18 2010

    Very cool! See ya'll in the AM. I plan on being on the road at 5:30.
  11. Marlin 795

    Try Walmart and I think I saw some at Bass Pro..
  12. Monument Beach IDPA

    Thanks guys. I heard they were just doing a club type thing before they opened it up. I hope it works out.
  13. Monument Beach IDPA

    I heard there was something in the works at MBSC. Does anyone have any news?
  14. Leominster - Parking spot row leads to arrest

    A bail commissioner not judge sets the bail. Bail is not set to punish someone. It is set to ensure that the individual will return to court. The nature of the crime and past criminal history are taken into account when setting bail. I do agree that $200 seems low.
  15. What do your Cops carry

    Anything for you, Greg. And I promise not to pick any fights with you[smile]
  16. Court upholds police pointing gun at lawful carrier

    So a lawyer hires a lawyer to sue someone partially on the basis of the Second Amendment but the 2nd A is never mentioned until oral arguments? Pfft.
  17. bumps and PM's

    Nothing to be guilty of. Personal? Do I know you? All the crying isn't really becoming of you. If you want to keep this going, PM me and rant there. Or take it up with Derek.
  18. bumps and PM's

    Give it up already. OK?
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