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  1. Vermont Gun Broker

    I know this is an old thread, but since it is about all that came up in a search I thought I would start here. "Vermont Gun Broker" use to advertise extensively on local radio out here in western MA. Lately I have not heard any of his adds. So today I get my copy of a small local Hilltown...
  2. Anyone with land near Essex County in MA?

    Good for you.... But the OP obviously is not. Don't get so wound up over something that consequently has no direct effect on you. I highly doubt that a mention of this place on here is going to get it trashed even worse.
  3. Stop 4420 Sign

    I have been trying to find one for myself in the Westfield area (I am in Blandford). I stopped at BG and they told me Westfield Sportsman's Club. But I am no longer a member so I can't get into that place. I am not looking for a free bee, I have no problem buying one.
  4. Stop 4420 Sign

    There was one on the main road (RT20) in Westfield that "disappeared". :mad:
  5. Stop 4420 Sign

    I have this flag at the end of my driveway, so everyone already knows. Kind of like putting an NRA sticker on your car or truck announcing "I have a gun on me".
  6. Big E…no Guns no business
  7. Video - Guy Gets Carjacked Right Inside His Own Home Garage

    I don't follow the CT court dockets but I know that state is not exactly gun friendly. But if you want to be a test case be my guest...........
  8. Big E…no Guns no business

    I just go to the Blandford Fair. It is cheap and no searches or metal detectors. And this year they brought the beer garden back!!!
  9. Video - Guy Gets Carjacked Right Inside His Own Home Garage

    Because this happened in Connecticut, being armed would not have done him any good. The authorities would of then considered the carjackers the "victims". :(
  10. Nope. Not having any of that Bruen stuff in California.

    Yup, this is the plan. They will get control of the White House, both chambers and the SCOTUS. Then they start to turn the red states blue. This is why moving to NH to get away from this is a waste unless you are old and retired. For younger people it will just be a temporary reprieve. :(
  11. Gun Safe for Closet

    This seems to be the best solution, simple and cost effective. I wonder though if you would have to change the interior wood door to an exterior metal door to satisfy MA requirements???
  12. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    I love it!!! I am not on the Selectboard but I know all 3 members and the chief. I am going to run this idea up the flag pole.
  13. Springfield man arrested after officers hear gunfire near Avon Place

    "Martinez was arrested and charged with carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a high-capacity magazine, and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling." Isn't the standard Ruger mag 10 round? They don't show the whole mag in the picture so maybe it is extended, but I...
  14. Vivek on guns

    OK got it. [thumbsup] From now on I will vote the way YOU want people to vote. Do you want me to go with the mail in ballot so you can fill it out for me??? Thanks.....
  15. Vivek on guns

    Name one, just one presidential candidate who you cannot find any dirt on. When we find that person then we can have our utopia. Until then the current field of candidates is all we have to choose from, Unless of course you decide that none of them are worth your vote and you abstain.
  16. Vivek on guns

    Did you see the wall behind where they were sitting??? Looked pretty solid to me. :)
  17. Texas apartment tenant shoots through door as men posing as maintenance workers try breaking in.

    An update on this story......... View:
  18. Vivek on guns

    Keep on waiting..........
  19. Vivek on guns

    I agree, I am really starting to like this guy............
  20. Thugs wake up early to spray parade with bullets.

    They do not want to call it a mass shooting because the Mass Liberal Politicians need to brag about how their tough gun laws are working. So no mass shootings in Massachusetts, just Mass (MA) shootings. :)
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