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  1. New acquisitions December

    This followed me home today
  2. New acquisitions December

    Been buying lots of edged weapons lately. Heres another from last week.
  3. Fa10 rifle requires barrel length

    Four Seasons registered my lower when I bought it. I was stupid at the time (still am to some degree) and should never have let them do it. I forget what they put in for barrel length it's been so many years. I'm wiling to bet it wasn't what I built it as.
  4. New acquisitions December

    Found this Nepalese Ghurka kukri at the flea market for $10. Handle and blade were a mess so I sent it off to Tennessee to have a new handle made and the blade ground clean and acid etched with copper. Sharp enough to shave the hair off my arm now.
  5. WTS Cambridge Soundworks M60 Bookshelf Speakers

    Nice speakers. $400 new. Pickup in Beverly, MA
  6. NES Yard Sale in Classifieds Drop down?

    Any chance of adding the NES Yard Sale to the classifieds drop down at the top of the page?
  7. Friend didn't renew his LTC

    Reapply and forget about it. If anyone actually cared they'd be knocking on his day on day 1 post expiration seeing that he had a firearm registered in his name and didn't renew his LTC.
  8. I used to love this Forum

    It's definitely white washed a bit, possibly darkening the background color a share or two would help.
  9. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    So NES is a bunch of dick riding closet homos? I'm totally confused.
  10. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Dick rider's or closet homos? Can't be both.
  11. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Looking for what though? Non-MA compliant guns?
  12. The Gun Parlor helping the antis.. Another place for reviews that cannot be edited. It's been posted before but Yelp reviews cannot be edited.
  13. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Has GP employee/owner written all over it. I really don't think an LTC holder would be that dumb. That's the equivalent of saying "I want to pay more money for my ammunition and I like being inconvenienced of having to go to the gun shop during their business hours to pick it up instead of...
  14. NU "study" sent to EOPSS - no 2A restriction in gun laws

    it was 50k when I went. Now you are right, it's over $60k. I will say I wouldn't be where I am today without it. The co-op program is the best of the best. Others have tried, but they have it down to perfection.
  15. NU "study" sent to EOPSS - no 2A restriction in gun laws

    Ditto. Graduated there a little more than a decade ago. Boy have they gone downhill with some of this crap. Shocked they haven't changed their Husky mascot for being racially insensitive to Eskimos.
  16. Ultrasonic cleaner - works great!

    Super common and works incredible.
  17. Ultrasonic cleaner - works great!

    I use simple green in my ultrasonic. Straight Simple Green, the lemon stuff, works great on everything.
  18. Mother's FB post after her kids were killed while pulling a home invasion

    I noticed she didn't list her place of employment in her facebook profile.
  19. New Acquisitions June 2017

    Not sure what caught my eye with this rifle at the gun shop, but i had to have it and build it. It's a Remington 700 SPS tactical 16.5". So far I have on there a Harris 1A2-BRM bipod, DNZ Game Reaper short action scope mount, and a Grizzly .308 brake (what a beast). Next up will be the glass...
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