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  1. Colt 1903 FTF with Full Mag

    I have 3 mags for my 1903. Two originals and one a/m and they all run perfectly. I would say that new mag on its way will probably fix your issue. Good luck!
  2. my chinese "knockoffs" are here!

    This is an Italian made AKC above a Kershaw Whirlwind for size comparison. The stiletto is very well made and snaps open with authority! ;)
  3. First thread on the new forum!

    Just noticed this new sub forum. And I just bought a BB gun for the first time in probably 20 years. An Umarex M1A1. The controls work just like the real thing and it being all metal, it has quite a weight to it! The stocks are hollow faux wood, and had a cheap-sounding "dink" when you tapped...
  4. Not a fun day with new machine gun, PS wear your safety glasses

    Damn! One of those situations where the giggle switch ain't so funny. I had a squib from a Portuguese surplus 7.62 NATO round on the first range trip with my CMP special grade Garand (yes the rifle is .308 chambered obviously). Luckily the bullet only went so far into the barrel as to block the...
  5. WTS Multiple handguns

  6. Reloaded 357 mag

    Truth. I've had more squibs and misfires with factory ammo than I've had with my reloads. Several years ago I was shooting some Santa Barbara surplus 7.62 NATO and had an odd malfunction that took me a minute to realize what it was... A squib. Damn that would suck to be a soldier in the heat of...
  7. i'm wondering why people need a rotation of carry guns

    P938 this time of year and a full size Gov't model in the cooler months. Close enough.
  8. New Acquisition September 2023

    DEWAT Thompson M1A1. I've been eyeing this piece for about 25 years and finally got the opportunity to buy it. The upper receiver is a blank and the bolt handle does nothing but all other parts are original WWII issue. It's an expensive paper weight but I had to have it, and it's worth what I...
  9. WTS *PD* Beretta Olimpia .22LR semi auto

    Still for sale
  10. WTS Multiple handguns

  11. 357 Lever Action

    I bought my Rossi model 92 20" blued about 5 years ago and did the following mods to it: Replaced the plastic magazine follower with a stainless one. Replaced that crappy safety with a blank that just fills the void. Polished all internals. Shimmed the cartridge guide. And IIRC I put some kind...
  12. Reloading 9x18 Makarov

    At one time I had four East German Makarovs, a Bulgarian, a P64, P83 and two CZ82's. I reload 9x18 with berrys plated 93gr and Titegroup.
  13. WTS Multiple handguns

  14. WTS Multiple handguns

  15. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    They really busted out the bullshit on this one. I'm sending out emails and calling reps but what does that ever do? I dunno but I do it anyhow. Everyone else should be doing the same.
  16. WTS Multiple handguns

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