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  1. Your New Knife!

    Father’s Day from the kids…
  2. AR click, no bang

    There might be a bullet stuck in the chamber. Remove the BCG and take a good look down the barrel from the rear and check for obstructions BEFORE you start hammering away on the forward assist.
  3. New Gun Shop in Hopedale, MA.

    Thanks for the kind words and nice meeting you.
  4. New Gun Shop in Hopedale, MA.

    We don’t have regular ours except Saturdays but someone is usually here most weekday mornings. Call or txt the shop 508-322-1826 I’ll also PM you my number
  5. New Gun Shop in Hopedale, MA.

    Open Saturdays 10-2. Come visit if you’re in the area.
  6. New Gun Shop in Hopedale, MA.

    Great day at the shop today. We need to restock for next weekend. If you come in please tell us you’re an NES’r! Just come see use BEFORE you get your massage or else we will need to Clorox you.
  7. Mike-Mike

    How you been man?

    How you been man?
  8. What is you favorite 1.5” EDC belt?

    We stock Kore belts at our retail location in Hopedale MA - Arms Group LLC - Prices are the same as Kore direct.
  9. Looking for a *lined* holster

    Don't baby your carry gun, and don't carry your baby gun.
  10. Mike-Mike

    Hi, A student of mine is interested in G43. We can meet tomorrow if that works. i'll go with her

    Hi, A student of mine is interested in G43. We can meet tomorrow if that works. i'll go with her
  11. Question About Getting My FID

    First of all good for you! EDIT: You need a MA hunter ed or State Police BFS certificate. Were you issued one when you took Hunter safety in MA? Hurry and apply for the FID BEFORE you turn 18. Its only $25 now. Once you turn 18 its $100.
  12. Friend of Mine Finds Some 1945 Ammo in The Ceiling of Her New House

    I have some of those and I have been shooting them.
  13. Is +P / +P+ really that effective or is it just hype?

    Think of it this way.. The 9mm was introduced in 1902 with the German Luger. Of course technologies exist to get more energy/ higher pressures today. However, it still fits in a 1937 gun. +p and +p+ are simply a warning that your gun should be rated for such. How they preform in your gun is...
  14. James Yeager may have ALS

    I don't wish that on anyone... God speed to him.
  15. Pick Me a Pump Shotgun

    Grab a used Ithaca 37
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