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  1. Inheritance question from out of state

    180 days to figure it all out from the day the eatate is settled if I remember correctly. And IANAL so just getting a reply in.
  2. Your New Knife!

    CRKT. Years ago my step-aunt gave me a load of knives, swords, and some machetes. Lots of nice knives and some real garbage. I sold and gave away a handful of the good ones and the rest are in various places at the bottom of my safe and my reloading room. I carried a similar CRKT but forgot...
  3. US Guns May Already Be Arming West Bank Settlers

    Maybe they were from the 'stan?
  4. Pentagon Considers Allowing AI Weapons to Autonomously Decide to Kill Humans

    AI will figure out that the feds are the real targets.
  5. Nightmare Dealers

  6. Windham Weaponry is closing

    A few years ago we were on vacation up that way and I had to get a tooth pulled nearby. I stopped in and asked for a tour through a mouth full of cotton etc. They talked really slow like I was an obomma voter and sent me packing.
  7. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    Cut off their hands?
  8. Couple of White Tail bucks 'squaring up' on the edge of my property, 6am

    The crows and vultures will locate him. He may find the skull and skeleton.
  9. Airsoft Gunsmithing help

    In before the "My kid is in the hospital with a gsw." thread.
  10. Only enough $ for one gun.

    Are you even a doctor? Harvest an organ and buy some nice toys plus plenty of ammo if you can find it.
  11. Pretty impressive when the left convinces gun owners to go after their own.

    Is Barnaby Jones not a thing anymore?
  12. Out of state dealers that do frame transfers?

    With explosive stickers on them to buy you more time.
  13. WTS ---SOLD---DELETE

    Come and get it. You can annoy all the tree hugging cordless mower freaks while enjoying a cold beverage and triple bagging your crabgrass. Leaves, pfft, please. Some tinkering and it would be a nice racer if you are into that. Make an offer.
  14. Ukraine Sniper Sets New World Record For Longest Kill Shot

    You duped the fvck out of a post in the uke war thread ya bastard. And no, I am not gonna provide the link.
  15. NH FFL Went Out Of Business, Ducking Me To Return My Consignment Pistol. Recourse?

    Sounds like club fed may have a bed ready for him.
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