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  1. New Deer Getter.....

    100 grains BH 209 Harvester PT gold CCI mag 209 primer
  2. suggestions for a deep sea fishing trip

    Check out Riptide charters, Cpt Terry Nugent
  3. Kayak Tournaments

    It’s almost time for 2018 Massachusetts Kayak Bassin tourney trail. Check out the group, join and take a look through. You’ll find dates and places of all the MKB tournaments. Also the MKB Knock Out series. Brackets where people fish against each other. You win and move on till one angler is...
  4. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Two fatties from earlier today.
  5. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    It's a process setting it up and breaking it down, haha. I'm adding a few more rod tubes. One for my net that will be on the back rail and tilted towards me for easy access. Also gonna add a 90* flush mount in the way back for my flag pole. It's a pita on windy days to grab a rod with the flags...
  6. SE MA deer butchers

    John Haskins Hanover or Dean Alexander Quincy
  7. Powerbelt fail, what muzzleloading bullet do you use?

    You may need an after market breech plug. The flash channel may not be big enough to get to the BH209.
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