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  1. Thank's brandon

    I don't think you really have to "wonder" too hard about this. If drugs and illegals can flow across the border with near impunity, it doesn't require a college degree to assume that terrorists and weapons are flowing as well.
  2. Video - Guy Gets Carjacked Right Inside His Own Home Garage

    Expect even more of this going forward. Our civilization is on it's last legs.
  3. FAFO in a Tucson Restaurant

    I love a story with a happy ending!!
  4. University of South Carolina student fatally shot while trying to enter wrong home: police

    The article is a bit confusing. In one place, it states the kid was TRYING to enter. At another point, it states he DID enter. The cops were called before the shooting, though.
  5. Beer-toting customer shot at robbery suspect 7 times

    Why? The beer has NOTHING to do legally with this case. The store clerk was quoted as saying that the man "saved his life". The man's last shot is the one that hit the robber. Once incapacitated, the man stopped shooting.
  6. PA non resident conceal permit

    That's the same county that my wife and I go to for our permits. Great people.
  7. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    Drive out through Wilkes-Barre, PA from Route 84 to Route 80, crossing the Hudson River north of West Point. You'll only spend an hour in that awful state.
  8. Pennsylvania non resident ltc

    The wife and I stopped this past Wednesday at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as we travelled to Ohio and did our five year renewal. The original license had also been issued in this county. We even dealt with the same deputy that we had previously. Super friendly. In and out in 20...
  9. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    This strikes me as ex post facto, but IANAL and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  10. You’re at a mass shooting event armed. What do you do?

    Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. My body is busted up now from doing that. It's time for someone else to step up and do that stuff.
  11. You’re at a mass shooting event armed. What do you do?

    My wife and I both carry constantly. Our only reason is to protect each other and our closest friends. After that, everyone else is fooked. I'm not sticking my neck in a ringer to try to save some clown who was too stupid to be properly prepared.
  12. To many Camp Lejeune commercials

    I'm still trying to work solely through the VA system and avoiding the lawsuit process for now. The Democrats clearly screwed all the Camp Lejeune Marines with the amendments they attached to our bill last summer when they attached it to the overall PACT Act. For example, if someone sues the...
  13. If I go dark, the USPS has me.

    OP is going to bum blast prison!!! [rofl]
  14. Video - Guy Gets Shot While Trying to Take off-Duty Female Officer's Firearm

    I love stories with happy endings!!
  15. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    You mean the same way the American people told our government to pound sand with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, lockdowns and so forth??? You have more faith in the American people than I do. As my dad used to say, the AVERAGE American is not very bright and HALF of those are DUMBER than that.
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