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  1. ME property tax exemption

    A lot of states have variations on the same lines.
  2. Well, post some military pics.

    I always preferred the 20 round mags over the 30, even to this day. The 20's were better from the prone position. They weren't getting buried in the ground screwing up my sighting.
  3. My friendly VA healthcare PC provider writing weird notes....

    I have not had any problems myself, but I check my records within a few days of every visit in order to be sure that the record is correct. I've been predominantly going to the Brockton VA, so don't know if they are better at what they do.
  4. VA Health Care Enrollment

    Online is definitely quicker, at least in my experience.
  5. VA Health Care Enrollment

    I finally got enrolled last fall. I'm one of the Camp Lejeune water contamination guys and have a pending disability claim. Since last October, I've been getting all sorts of primary, endocrine and GI care with no co-pays either. Anyone covered by the PACT Act from last summer seems to be...
  6. The Exchange….or PX?

    Back in 1979 in the PX on Camp Zukeran, Okinawa, Marlboro's were 21 cents per pack.
  7. Iwo Jima anniversary today

    Yup, Operation Detachment.
  8. Iwo Jima anniversary today

    A couple of interesting tidbits: 1. I had the pleasure of spending three days back in April 2008 at Parris Island with a whole bunch of Marine veterans from all era's, including Jack Lucas, who earned his MoH on Iwo Jima. Sadly, Jack passed away a couple of months after that reunion. 2...
  9. Central Issue Facility - turning gear in.

    I loved the humorous writing of the respondent. LOL.
  10. Well, post some military pics.

    Gee, you really were young...............once!!
  11. presidential unit citation question

    Do you know what unit he was assigned to on Guadalcanal?? Not all Marine units were assigned to the 1st MarDiv and he may or may not have been in a unit that received a PUC.
  12. MIL buyback

    No. He is looking into "buying back" his military active duty time so it can apply to a state pension. And to OP, I do not have any answers for you. It did not make sense for me, in my particular situation, to spend the money to buy back my time. Good luck and I hope someone has some answers for...
  13. Army or Marines

    The quickest promotions I ever saw was among the USMC counterintelligence personnel of the 02XX field. Many enlisted easily made CWO or LDO. Retention bonuses were among the largest. Guys that retired after 20 or 30 years were quickly recruited by federal three letter agencies. I suspect this...
  14. How Popular/Respected is Sec/Def Mattis with the Military?

    Marine veterans love his straight talk/straight action. He may not be Chesty Puller incarnate or the second coming of Christ, but he is only a notch down on the rung.
  15. VA incompetence

    I understand your pain.
  16. Khe Sanh 50th Anniversary

    That pre-dates my time, but I served in the 7th CI Team in 79 to 80 with a couple of guys who were there. I remember one of them telling the story of being sent in as a reinforcement. He had to run out the back of the C-130 while the plane was still moving at a good clip on the taxiway...
  17. Marines

    I've got a nexus letter from my oncologist at Dana Farber connecting my cancer to the polluted water at the base.........................................and the VA has lost my paperwork..................................twice.
  18. My grandfather USMC photo, WWII-era

    I second what Mark056 said. Family can obtain a deceased veterans complete military record. I recently obtained my complete Army files and USMC files from the National Personnel Records Center because I needed documentation for a pending VA claim. IIRC, I noticed that family of a deceased...
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