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  1. CMP Garands

    I love my IHC.
  2. WW2 German training rifle

    That's all I have to go on. Like I said earlier, I am hoping someone will steer me towards a person or shop, preferably in central Mass, who I can refer my friend to for the close inspection this rifle should have. Anyone???
  3. WW2 German training rifle

    I posted the following earlier today in the firearms forum, but it was suggested that I cross-post it here as well: I have a friend who is looking for information on a rifle that his grandfather brought back from Germany at the conclusion of WW2. The markings and my basic internet searches show...
  4. If you want a carbine.

    Some early feature, some not. At $3K neighbor, I'm not interested, but YMMV.
  5. M1 Carbines

    Some photos of my Underwood: The serial number places it within the last 4000 carbines that Underwood made in their first production run, so November 1942. It has a Rock-ola barrel with no date and a Winchester stock, along with a two-rivet handguard. The right side of the stock has the...
  6. M1 Carbines

    I got an Underwood with Rockola barrel and Winchester stock. It looks to be in very, very good condition. I'll post pics later this week.
  7. M1 Carbines

  8. M1 Carbines

    How soon are you guys getting your carbines from RTI?? I paid for mine on Monday and confirmed with my FFL that he faxed his paperwork to RTI Tuesday late morning. I have heard nothing since, so I don't know if the shipping notification goes to me or my dealer.
  9. M1 Carbines

    Maybe they sent you my carbine. My credit card got hit immediately, but I have not seen any shipping confirmation.
  10. M1 Carbines

    I can finally report SUCCESS. Leslie called me at 1 PM and we consummated a deal for what I needed.
  11. M1 Carbines

    It's not looking good, so far. As a follow up to my voice message that I left on Friday afternoon, I followed up early this morning with my questions via their messaging app on the web site. I also called customer service AGAIN, was shunted into their voicemail system and left an even more...
  12. M1 Carbines

    Well, I just can't "place the order" since I am looking for something particular and would be willing to pay the requisite upcharge.......if they have it. I have not heard back from them as of their closing time of 5 PM, a little over two hours. I'm not complaining. They have the right to run...
  13. M1 Carbines

    I talked to one of my go-to dealers yesterday about transferring one of these in through him. After getting the go-ahead from the FFL, I called Tiger Imports 1 1/2 hours ago, got voicemail, left a message with my office and cell numbers, and I await a return call. So far, no call. Not looking...
  14. M1 Carbines

    I am toying with getting one of these, but I don't have a C&R and my regular FFL's are closed for now. I guess I'll wait.
  15. the M1 was almost a 6.5 creedmoor

    And it was GEN MacArthur who nixed the move to .276 and demanded that the Garand be produced in the military standard .30 caliber.
  16. First M1 - a “Special” - seek advice

    Only buying one? I already bought two this year from the CMP. Just buy.
  17. WTB: Military Surplus Garand Ammo

    The commercial ammo is certainly top notch, but the 192 round cans of HXP provide a lot of military grade enbloc clips.
  18. WTB: Military Surplus Garand Ammo

    You can also find HXP ammo on Gunbroker, but the prices vary wildly. HXP also occasionally pops up on the CMP forums. Others have already mentioned Target Sports.
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