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  1. Best poly pistol (subcompact) readily available in the Commiewealth of Marxichusetts?

    +1....this is my carry weapon in spring/summer.. PM9 is my back up, M&P 45c for fall/winter. M&P has Trijicon sights and a 5lb trigger job.
  2. Air rifle

    I have the Benjamin Marauder PCP in 22 cal. with a 3x9 scope... The gun is so quite that I can shoot it without anyone the wiser (shrouded barrel). I can hit targets at 40 yards accurately, great rife for hunting! I have the bicycle pump to recharge the air chamber... great workout btw. All in...
  3. In general, what kind of gun law do we want?

    Well that was entertaining...time for din din, Taco Bell? Merry Christmas
  4. In general, what kind of gun law do we want?

    Taco Bell=Cheap pro-biotic
  5. In general, what kind of gun law do we want?

    This thread is better than anything on TV right now...
  6. WHAT IS WRONG with people (Rant)

    I do like, however, the flag at half mast during the day of the funeral for a service member KIA. Cops and firemen? No. That's what State and Town flags are for. This^^ Happy memorial day everyone and thank you to those who served
  7. Very fitting irony

    great idea...I'm in for the group buy[laugh2]
  8. Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bomb

    Bloomers really need to get a women[wink] Fortunately he only can only continue to F'up NYC which sadly is a lost cause anyways.
  9. Watch the police remove a Watertown family from their home, and then search it.

    how many people were in that frat?
  10. I guess TGIF in Milford is anti gun

    Have not been to a TGIF for years and won't be going anytime this decade
  11. Kerry: Foreign students 'scared' of guns in U.S.

    No problem...just my opinion of the former senator of Massachusetts.
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