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  1. MA poachers 2023

    Had to Google Colrain. Never heard of that town before [laugh] Then again I'm on the opposite side of the state.
  2. Vista outdoors selling firearms/ammo division

    Good lord. It’s going to hurt a lot when I have to restock my Alliant 2400 powder inventory. The prices now already suck
  3. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Yup. And reloading 44 is much cheaper
  4. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Yeah their estimated turnaround was 5-6 months. 6 months was end of October. Then again it’s just an estimate.
  5. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Maybe just my bad luck. If you research Fords they have a very good track record with many happy customers. Been around a bit. That’s why I sent it to them
  6. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Yeah it sucks
  7. Desert Eagle Megathread…

  8. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    My 3 barrel set has been at Fords Custom Guns since April. I need to call them to see WTF is taking so long. They’re supposed to be the go-to plating company for desert eagles as they do the finishing for magnum research. Anyway, they do the gold plating. View...
  9. WTS Romanian Tokarev Pistol w/ammo

  10. Dream gun

    Lmao. Ya very grippy frame which is what you want for action shooting
  11. New Acquisitions November 2023

    wow that’s bizarre. I literally cannot post the link. I copy the link paste it in my post then click on post reply and it says oops we ran into a problem. Weird
  12. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    @Shevchenko @fishhawk357
  13. New Acquisitions November 2023

    Post some photos in the DE thread if you have time
  14. Dream gun

    Funky? Have you not seen many 2011s before? 😂
  15. Why buy pre-bans?

    A preban AR can have all the evil features (flash hider collapsible stock bayonet lug etc). To many gun owners, that is useless as many have decided long ago to stop caring about if they have a flash hider or collapsible stock
  16. Why buy pre-bans?

    Because there are a lot of pantshitters that believe only preban (1994) ARs are legal to own in MA. Then there are people that think Healeys 2016 press release was an assault weapons ban and therefore only pre-2016 ARs are legal to own in MA
  18. New Acquisitions November 2023

    Nice to see more members becoming desert eagle owners. I think since you have an older MKVII model you will need a new MKXIX slide and barrel to fit that frame. Available from magnum research if you call them. I would also call and give them the serial number to confirm which model it is. I...
  19. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Nice. These are from AR right?
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