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  1. Winter Shoot: Military Handguns

    In... M1911A1 Remington and a M1917 Smith and Wesson .45ACP will be posted. Anyone know if we're doing an iron sight rifle postal match this year?
  2. 2023 Meat Pole

    For what it’s worth, the same trend is occurring in Wisconsin. Parts of WI are seen as some of the best white tail hunting in the US, but the number of tags filled out have been steadily falling the past few years. I hunted there this year and bagged a doe and a spike buck. There were seemingly...
  3. "Super Bunny Fart" Loads - 38spl - Airweight Snub ?

    For my smith and Wesson M27 I make bunny fart loads with titegroup for my wife. I did the minimum charge in the hornaday reloading book for 125gr cast and 158gr plated and she seems to enjoy shooting it a lot! Titegroup is pretty dirty though, unfortunately.
  4. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I too have done this math, and it’s not personally worth the extra $50 in savings for “my time” making a thousand rounds. Good deals for cheap 9mm all over the internet and locally to me in central MA. .45AARP is still $.40-.50 a round, so I’ll keep churning those out.
  5. WTS 1903 Rock Island

    Bump. Price reduced to $900
  6. WTS 1903 Rock Island

  7. WTS 1903 Rock Island

  8. Is there a reporting procedure for a buyer who doesn't complete his side and doesn't pay?

    Unfortunately this happens all the time with online commerce. Places like gun broker swing the hammer down and ban non paying bidders. In places like NES or the CMP forums all you can do is leave feedback so others can decide for themselves. Can’t tell you how many times a buyer has backed out...
  9. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I’m out of town this weekend but next weekend I’d be willing to help! I’d like to give a little more for the great facilities at a relatively low cost HSC provides. Hoping the steel at 100 yards is still standing by then…
  10. Banned from CMP Forum???

    Looks like the CMP forums is down again. Was working on a deal I hope will still be there when it's back up!
  11. 650 problem

    This is always the problem. Small piece puts the whole operation at standstill. 15 minutes into getting my new Lee Pro 6 pack a couple months ago I broke the plastic clutch that indexes. Ordered a few spare since it seems to be the weak link. Maybe I’ll get a 3D printer someday.
  12. Winter Warrior 2022-2023 Postal Match for Iron Sight Military Rifles

    Wow! PM incoming. Thanks for organizing, what a cool competition. I’ve never won anything in my life, and my bad luck on scratch tickets defies statistics…
  13. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Me as well. Rifle is tracked and batched, most of my pistol ammo is range pick up. .357 is the “hottest” handgun round I load, so that brass is tracked and batches tossed if I get a split. Otherwise, mixed cases is good to go.
  14. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I feel this.
  15. CMP received some surplus ammo set to be on sale soon,

    Figured. Probably too much to ask to get some semblance of consistent years on the brass. I’m sitting pretty with a lot of LC68 but one can never have enough.
  16. CMP received some surplus ammo set to be on sale soon,

    Very tempting. I haven’t looked and the CMP forum is not great at the moment, are they consistent years for the headstamp or truly random loose rounds in a can?
  17. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Today I set up my first progressive press and loaded 500 rounds of 9mm. Holy moly, this is way better than a single stage. What used to take me days, took me hours. Took a long time carefully setting up, but once I got going it was smooth sailing! Really digging it. Going to try some .223...
  18. CMP received some surplus ammo set to be on sale soon,

    I think that guy is mistaken. No word yet from the CMP, and their forum is horrendous at the moment due to server migration/update. I can’t imagine CMP selling can for much more or much less than what is being sold person to person. I’d expect 200-250 a can shipped from the CMP. Then again...
  19. School me on k31 swiss

    K31s are nice, and usually in great shape. 7.5x55 is a good round, and you can reload a standard .308 diameter round in it. It’s ballistically similar to 7.62x51, feels about the same recoil wise. I had one a few years back but parted ways with it. They’re fun rifles, but just didn’t do it for...
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