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  1. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    New Governor incoming in the new year. Legislative session starts early spring
  2. Poll: Gun ownership reaches record high with American electorate

    Isn’t this any argument with a leftist on any topic?
  3. Taran Tactical clowns

  4. 3/27/23 Nashville School Shooting

    Instead they will probably be tossed in jail, while the leaker of the Dobb's case and the individual that brought cocain into the WH are undetectable and remain at large :rolleyes:
  5. Active Shooter Situation in Lewiston Maine

    That will come out the day after the Nashville shooter’s manifesto
  6. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    New Gov elected! No run off necessary. Game on Spring 2024
  7. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    New Governor being elected this fall. The candidate leading in the polls was just endorsed by Steve Scalise: My favorite part of the article:
  8. Deals and steals

    PSA Blem lower for $100
  9. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Bill killed by RINOs and Dems in the Senate. Slimy politics at its finest
  10. Alex Jones Was Right! FBI Releases Report Confirming THREE San Bernardino Shooters

    Usually conspiracy theory to fact is ~ 6 months. This one took a little bit longer
  11. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Yes. I am sure that you can find a few cops that are pro-2A but The MA state police association doesn’t come out in support of loosening gun restrictions. Same deal in LA. I can find a few beat cops that would support it but Louisiana Sheriffs Association has opposed this. If this ends up...
  12. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Think of how MA LE feels about loosing up gun restrictions
  13. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Has in the past as well. But timing and RINOs are not on our side. LA law enforcement isn't either.
  14. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Correct. Passed the House with a Veto-proof majority last week. For historical reference, it passed the House AND Senate with veto-proof majorities in 2021 as well. Governor vetoed it after the legislative session ended. Legislature met for an unprecedented "veto session" in the summer (for...
  15. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    LOL. Wild West. The closest state to us that doesn’t have Constitutional Carry is a days drive. Edwards will veto this again but we get a new Governor next year
  16. Guns Go Down, America.

    Right after our government and every other government in the world gets rid of all of their guns, missiles, bombs, navy fleets, MRAPs, slingshots, etc. On second thought, even if the above happens, CRIMINALS WILL STILL HAVE GUNS! So, I guess I will give up my guns the day after the next coming...
  17. ATF broke the law by paying agents millions in wrongful benefits, watchdog tells Biden

    Did search. Hope not dupe. Btw - was very difficult to find this article despite being authored by a mainstream source. Google, no sight of it but that wasn’t surprising. Brave, surprisingly no sight of it. Found it on duck duck go...
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