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  1. Bear Attack
  2. California's "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Overturned!

    Yup, me, hit the road yesterday. Now I'm stuck in the Alabama welcome center with a blowout in my RV. So if you're wanting for me in Cali, I'm running late!
  3. California's "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Overturned!

    Too late, hit the road yesterday.
  4. California's "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Overturned!

    That's great news, I'm headed to California tomorrow!:D
  5. NM Governor bans guns in Albuquerque

    I'm pretty sure we had a vote to let them vote, how did we F that up.......?
  6. Man charged with possession of Glock magazines

    That depends..... Is it a 6+1 or 30?
  7. Old new member

  8. Natick Police big gun bust

    Thats about what I keep under my pillow, God forbid they look under the bassinet......
  9. Whose going on a Buying Spree in Massachusetts? UPDATE POST #151

    I had that same problem 10 years ago. I figured it out, I call her "upgrade"
  10. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Well, just spent a week in MA, I'll be landing in Texas in a few hours. First thing I'm doing is giving all my scary guns a big hug! [rofl]
  11. Shooting in Baltimore leaves dozens wounded, multiple dead: 30 people were shot, including two victims who were killed

    Huge block party last night 2 blocks from my parents in Attleboro, haven't checked to see if what I heard at midnight was gunfire or fireworks......probably a bit of both
  12. Storing firearms out of state

    Yes, but they haven't found me yet! [rofl]
  13. How many AR's is too many?

    .......said no one ever!
  14. Las Vegas gunman stopped by armed employee (Friday 6/23)

    Looked like the guy who shot him was a good shot.
  15. Why do so many Americans keep dying in traffic accidents.

    Actually, I just drove Texas to Attleboro. Posted 75 MPH for first half, no issues, second half posted 55 and some 65 MPH. Second half I lost my mind with the people who think because they are going 55 its OK to just cruise in left lane regardless of how much traffic was on the road. Danger...
  16. Why do so many Americans keep dying in traffic accidents.

    No, no, no, just make the speed limit 5 MPH in every state! Problem solved
  17. When did "Keep your finger off the Bang Switch" become a thing?

    You need to remember that back in the day, men were men!
  18. Can my kids shoot BB Guns in the back yard?

    It is for me!
  19. Legal Options for Selling my AR-15s in MA

    Well, I'm coming to town Monday then back to Texas, I can take them with me
  20. Manslaughter charges filed after kill shot fired 8 minutes post invasion. Wild story out of chesterfield MA.

    If the first shot kills is the next 15 ok? Asking for a friend
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