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  1. Only enough $ for one gun.

    If I had to keep just 1, it’d be a shotgun. With the exception of range, it’s the most versatile for range fun and HD. I also just really like shotguns. As someone else said, a Maverick 88 can’t be beat for cost and quality. With that said, you can build a pretty cheap AR in MA with the right...
  2. Opinions wanted

    If you like the look of the raging hunter (odd name) get a full lug .44 from S&W. Performance center competitor (admittedly also an odd name) comes to mind. Mainly because it’s upstairs and it’s just friggin sexy. Lockup is tight, trigger is awesome in both SA and DA, plus it has weights you...

    See post #121 at the top of the page. For the price it’s difficult to turn down. I’ve had zero reliability issue. I still want a spare bolt, just cause. If I can get even 2MOA with a 16” “battle rifle” I’ll be pretty friggin happy. It’s way more accurate than me while I’m running and gunning...
  4. Since Ya’All Are About To Be Felons….

    Now we’re talking! Wait, what?
  5. Since Ya’All Are About To Be Felons….

    The common nomenclature is “DoucheCanoe”

    Buy one. Sure, there’s a few lemons out there and they get the spotlight but from my experience and everyone else’s here, it’s a solid and reliable build. Ruger will fix it if it’s broke, but chances are it’s not going to be. Around 500 rounds through my 16” from Wolf steel case to gold medal...
  7. Florida shooting leaves at least 4 dead, including shooter at Jacksonville Dollar General store - FOXNEWS Blames New CCW Law

    There’s also the Baker Act in Florida that means his guns should have been confiscated? I’m not entirely clear on the ins and outs of it, but it’s looking like someone or some entity f***ed up. Classic case of laws on the books not being followed?
  8. did i ever tell you i like revolvers?

    More fetish talk, sounds like safe search has been turned off again. Have fun, just pace yourself.
  9. Why You Shouldn't Call 911 to Scare Your Boyfriend

    Does she have to get to work?? I think she has to get to work.
  10. First built AR-15 won’t chamber next round

    Don’t need a second person for this. Is the brass trickling out right next to you? Going straight up? Behind you? Or taking a page out of the PTR 91’s book and launching it into next Tuesday? The reason I ask, is that while many people think it’s under-gassed and short stroking, the symptoms...
  11. First built AR-15 won’t chamber next round

    Chiming in because I hadn’t seen it mentioned, what’s the ejection pattern?
  12. What's your favorite "Go To" firearm for fun at the range?

    Ruger SR22. Because it refuses to fail and mag dumps are ridiculously satisfying. Also, the 1301 (as pictured above) for the same reasons, just on a grander scale.
  13. Vermont passes law to make paramilitary training camps illegal.

    Daniel Banyai seems like a piece of shit. He went in there scorched earth, pissed off all his neighbors and sent them Christmas cards calling them inbreds. If you buy land that’s entirely surrounded by other people’s land, and they’re well established there, probably best to be forthcoming with...
  14. My new cleaning case

    I love it! I went a similar route with a Milwaukee packout. Big enough to hold cleaning kits but with compartments for patches.
  15. Black teen shot after ringing the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings, police say

    Many homes still don’t have them and with those that do, very few are ever locked. They’re not added security by any means, especially with a screen in place. Before central air they were vital to get a good cross-breeze flowing through your house. They also help in winter, an air gap between...
  16. Black teen shot after ringing the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings, police say

    Fun tidbit, less than half the doorbells I encounter work. Heck, I disconnected mine years ago. Obviously if the main door is open I’m knocking on the storm because they’ll definitely hear it with an open door. These are just my observations and opinions on the matter as someone who’s knocked on...
  17. Black teen shot after ringing the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings, police say

    . I open every storm door I encounter to knock on the entry door. Most people can’t hear you knocking on aluminum or glass. The thud of an entry door does the trick. Perhaps he was trying that method when gramps finally showed up and opened the prime door? Also, most storm doors I encounter...
  18. Black teen shot after ringing the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings, police say

    This is the one time a “GET OFF MY LAWN!” may have been warranted and solved everything. Also, I walk past no trespassing signs all the time, if I think I’m supposed to be there (customer has invited me)then they don’t apply to me. Also, he was at the correct address, kind of. He had the right...
  19. Black teen shot after ringing the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings, police say

    Bad choices on both sides? Knocking on the wrong door is a bad choice now? I’m screwed then, I knock on doors all day and I’ve knocked on a few wrong ones over the years. I guess I’m lucky I haven’t been shot and probably that I’m not black. What’s odd is that none of the neighbors doors he...
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