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  1. Venison and wild game cooking.

    Bear brawt soup.
  2. Neck knife accident...

    Story is he was drunk, fell, the knife went through the flesh in his stomach and into that major artery in his leg. Then he just bled out.
  3. MA deer shotgun season

    Do you think the number of hunters is on the decline in the state?
  4. New Rifle Cases from Magpul: The look cool and have a new "grid" organizing system - Magpul Grid

    We just put them in the back seat. Thought of getting a case but it's never been an issue. To think what I put my poor rifle through when hunting..uggh. If I flew with it then it would be a different story.
  5. Venison and wild game cooking.

    I just go to the butcher, tell how many pounds I'm processing, then he weighs out the exact amount of the ingredients I need. Then we put everything into this big stainless thing that you hand crank. It mixes everything up in two minutes. Then into the sausage maker. Fills one of those...
  6. Venison and wild game cooking.

    Well, I'm not exactly kind to my cooktop or the oven. So don't go by me. It's worth scratching up in my opinion. The cast iron heats up so evenly and you can cook on much lower temps, as I'm sure you are already aware of.
  7. Venison and wild game cooking.

    Yup. Am I breaking some cast iron cooking rule? I hope not. Been doing it for thirty years. Biden would be proud of me.
  8. I got a moose permit!

    I know the pressure is on when it's a special tag that you have been applying for years, but man what a great adventure it must have been. Harvesting an animal is a bonus in my book. It's all about getting out there. I can't recall if you mentioned it earlier but were you camping? Because...
  9. Venison and wild game cooking.

    A simple one but a good one. Elk breakfast sausage topped with cheese with an egg over easy. Sourdough on the side. Ya, I eat game pretty much everyday 😁
  10. MA deer shotgun season

    It's rough reading about the state of deer hunting in mass. As crowded as it is there, I thought that years ago mass did an excellent job of managing the herd. I would tag out every year during bow season. But I agree with many of your comments. I hang around on a local hunting forum and...
  11. Leupold CDS

    Its hardwired. 70 bucks for a new one. But man, if you can get get dialed in, no pun intended, it's slick. All you need is a dope card for wind!
  12. Leupold CDS

    Yup. Great glass. Horrible website
  13. Leupold CDS

    I gotta say. This is pretty slick. This is for my wife's vx3. 100 yard zero. Shooting 300? Dial it to 3. 325? Dial to 3.25. We plan to test it soon and see how close it is. I relied on the ballistics from the manufacturer this time but our birthday present to each other in January will be one...
  14. Dream gun

    They are shooters for sure. Probably has the double spring too. That gun right there is downright cheating!
  15. Dream gun

    Awesome. I have an STI eagle and apeiro. I love the frames. It fits the hand so well. I think my mags holds 21 rounds, maybe more. Does your gun have an island barrel? Looks like it, or it could be a reflection.
  16. Dream gun

    Is that a 1911 or 2011 frame? Nice gun!

    Old school AR right there. Just needs a speedloader.😁

    Finally! A gun law to protect our second amendment rights! Wait.... don't we already have that?
  19. Venison and wild game cooking.

    Bear brawts and summer sausage. Summer sausage going into the smoker.
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