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  1. Anyone familiar with this .308 ammo?

    Looks like something @NavelOfficer would load up. He makes some interesting ammo
  2. Ruger Hard-R

    I had one as my first 44 mag revolver and eventually sold it as I just hated the looks. Trigger cleaned up nice though and was accurate enough but idk wtf they were thinking with that design lol
  3. Lever guns

    Marlin needs to start making the stainless 44 mag models. I got the 357 but wouldn’t mind a matching rifle in 44 - currently have the Henry all weather 44 which is really nice.
  4. Lever guns

    Surprised Ranger point precision hasn’t made a Rossi 92 loading gate. They make them from aluminum for the Marlin and boy was that night and day on my CSBL 357
  5. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Yeah that’s about the going rate
  6. Shooting from hammer-forged, chrome-lined DRY barrel

    This. I’ve never heard of a gun manufacturer saying that the barrel needs to have a coating of oil prior to shooting to avoid damage
  7. Dedham tree trimmer faces armed neighbor on job

  8. Did a cleanout with a friend....

    new ones go for $300 plus tax and shipping. Old vintage ones more like $400+
  9. MA poachers 2023

    Had to Google Colrain. Never heard of that town before [laugh] Then again I'm on the opposite side of the state.
  10. Vista outdoors selling firearms/ammo division

    Good lord. It’s going to hurt a lot when I have to restock my Alliant 2400 powder inventory. The prices now already suck
  11. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Yup. And reloading 44 is much cheaper
  12. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Yeah their estimated turnaround was 5-6 months. 6 months was end of October. Then again it’s just an estimate.
  13. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Maybe just my bad luck. If you research Fords they have a very good track record with many happy customers. Been around a bit. That’s why I sent it to them
  14. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    Yeah it sucks
  15. Desert Eagle Megathread…

  16. Desert Eagle Megathread…

    My 3 barrel set has been at Fords Custom Guns since April. I need to call them to see WTF is taking so long. They’re supposed to be the go-to plating company for desert eagles as they do the finishing for magnum research. Anyway, they do the gold plating. View...
  17. Dream gun

    Lmao. Ya very grippy frame which is what you want for action shooting
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