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  1. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    And as long as the muzzle brake is pinned (which he already said he knows he needs to do in post 525), he won't. It is a brake.
  2. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    G3/HK91 is not one of the named weapons in the AWB so it's not caught up in the Healy "enforcement notice" nonsense.
  3. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    You are correct. Handguns and "Others" must go through an FFL in the recipient's state. Rifles and shotguns can be transferred to the recipient by an FFL in any state as long as it is legal for the recipient to possess in their state of residence.
  4. BREAKING/DEVELOPING: Possible subject with bomb also saying he's going to open fire....Wheeling, WV

    Nothing, apparently.
  5. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    Friendship...and Friendship is Magic!
  6. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    I don't give a darn!
  7. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    And me! I got Applejack.
  8. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    Everyone's a winner, and everyone gets a pony!
  9. What do you look like part III...

    So your standard NESer, then.
  10. Worman v. Baker - AWB Challenge.

    Yeah, that sheet is just quoting the actual law. I would be tickled pink if an officer arrested someone solely for possession of a pre-7/20/2016 AR. It would mean the Healey ban would come under fire in a criminal case and stands a better chance of being struck down.
  11. Natick Get-Together Thursday, November 14, 2019

    I will be there!
  12. Halloween postponed?

    Here's our little guy, fresh out of the rain (you can even see the water all over his mask). It was a little drizzly, but not bad at all.
  13. Family held at gunpoint after SWAT team errs in marijuana raid

    All that because some officer allegedly smelled weed. Agree with Evadd, whoever greenlit that raid needs to be held personally accountable for their absolutely idiotic decision.
  14. NFA Items - Picture thread

    Here's my magical transforming M11/9. It transforms from a 9mm... View: Into a 5.56! View: Thanks Lage Manufacturing!
  15. Trijicon SRO

    Still loving mine! Been through a handful of matches and practice sessions with it and still going strong. Probably somewhere between 2 and 3000 rounds on it. And yes, the mounting holes are RMR pattern. I was concerned that the overhang on the ejection port on the X5 would cause issues but so...
  16. Worman v. Baker - AWB Challenge.

    Firearms Policy Coalition amicus brief in support of granting cert to Worman
  17. Ghost Gunner 3 Now Available for Pre-order. Mills AK Receivers!

    As long as Cody himself isn't performing any of the testing, and never himself takes possession of any of the completed receivers, I can't see how that could be an issue. The issue of completing the receivers while not being a licensed 07 FFL is interesting. They're not selling them though, so...
  18. You are occupied ..... You are humiliated.....

    The rant is especially stupid because it does exactly what the anti-2A people do: take the worst examples of bad behavior by the "other side" and make those out to be typical behavior in order to make them all out to be terrible people. One "gun nut" has a negligent discharge and injures...
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