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  1. Would you help the McCloske’s

    Help a bleeping Democrat trial lawyer ? I don't think so. [rofl]
  2. Would you help the McCloske’s

    Help a bleeping trial lawyer?
  3. Biden Set to Demolish Suburbs

    Private property has always been under assault from the left, except their own of course. Their aim is to move the population into densely populated areas where they can be easily controlled.
  4. Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Epic Prank on Far-Right Militia Event

    Some day he will push it too far.
  5. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at all events and properties

    When I lived in Dorchester in the 1980's , I would often see Confederate front licence plates on cars driven by blacks. I figured it was a southern thing, nobody paid much attention.
  6. So, will there be a "Waco" in Seattle?

    I hope that Trump doesn't get involved in this, nothing good can come of it. Let the fools in Seattle deal with it.
  7. Racism now a Public Health Crisis in Boston

    Virtue signaling by rich white liberals.
  8. WTB. Sig p290Rs

    Looking for Sig 290rs in Massachusetts.
  9. Words and Phrases I hate 2020 edition

  10. Woman shoots dog in Springfield, MA

    I wonder if any of the women's organizations will offer her any support.
  11. Leading scientist warns of the danger of a pandemic triggered by chicken farms that could kill half the world's population

    Leading scientist warns.......bla! bla! bla!. Another fraud in a white lab coat, pushing his own agenda. At what point do people stop listening to these crook's.
  12. What are some positive outcomes as a result of this worldwide pandemic?

    Men won't be hugging me anymore.
  13. Shutdown is hitting California the hardest

    Lots of normal people in California, particularly in the interior, It's just that they are completely outnumbered, kind of like us here in Massachusetts.
  14. “An educational hero lives here”

    Teachers suck.
  15. No Beer kegs?

    Beer gets better with age.
  16. Irish Democracy in 2020 Massachusetts

    I think that"Irish democracy" means people just ignoring the government and their laws.

    Not enough pushback against this foolishness. So far the control freaks are winning.
  18. Senate Votes to Allow FBI View Your Web Browsing History Without Warrant

    Too many "law and order Republicans" giving law enforcement everything thing they want without question. Is it any wonder 90% of blacks don't vote for them.
  19. New nickname for faker?

    The big sissy.
  20. Obama's former top economic advisor proposes government buying stocks

    Who gets to decide which stocks to buy, does a company with a former congressman on the board have advantage,....... this will not end well
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