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  1. Amount of ammo in civilian hands, US

    UPS: "Did you just buy a box of nails" ME: "Yup, working on a big project" It was a box of 3K brass casings.
  2. Poll: Which bug is uglier?

    I was expecting a picture of Peloci at the bottom. This thread disappoints.
  3. The Biden/Harris Plan to End Gun Violence: Battle for the Soul of the Nation

    Please, don't close the HATE CRIME LOOPHOLE!!! How will pelple be able to commit hate crimes with guns purchased using the Gun Show Loophole and ammo purchased using the Ammo Loophole? :rolleyes:
  4. Amount of ammo in civilian hands, US

    Even if people didn't own guns. The logistics alone are almost impossible to accomplish. The allies could barely keep up with the logistics of maintaining huge armies in Europe, and they had the US manufacturing capacity backing them up, and no one was bombing it. And the allies got lucky...
  5. Amount of ammo in civilian hands, US

    I don't remember. But I thought the check were 30M. Maybe I am wrong. Anyway, there are a lot more than 100M guns in private hands.
  6. Amount of ammo in civilian hands, US

    There are a lot more than 100M guns. Look at the past 3 months alone, like 30M guns per month. That alone is almost 100M. Maybe some of them are transfers of used guns. Let's assume 10M used/month. That is 60M new.
  7. Amount of ammo in civilian hands, US

    My instructor said we should only have 4K rounds.
  8. I think they're ripping us off!

    9mm s*cks. Stop buying that sh*t round. It's like shooting a plastic BB at someone. .40 is where its at. That stuff is like the 50BMG of handguns. Buy it all.
  9. Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper™ Electronic Powder Scale and Dispenser

    What is the warranty on these things and how is Frankford when it comes to dealing with warranty issues? I am thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these. I have trust issues with electronic scales.
  10. I think they're ripping us off!

    Your local gun store might be selling at cost or very little markup. I can't speak for TSUSA, I don't shop there (only because I reload). But when it comes to margins, big stores doesn't necessarily mean better pricing on guns. Look at Bass Pro and Cabelas for example. Those guys buy...
  11. Stealership logic

    What the dealership says doesn't matter. What does your owners manual, written by the factory, say?
  12. The Great Escape

    Nice man. Congrats.
  13. Alone - Season 7

    I'm watching season 6. I'm impressed by some of the double wall shelters. The dude that quit because "he is missing his kids life". WTF. I understand the getting bored part. I have gone on week long hikes alone and late in the afternoon, it can get boring AF. Just sitting there doing nothing...
  14. Today's racist item Megathread

    And it had a white cowboy and it looks like the sh*t I took this morning. Paint the holes (or nuts?) yellow so it looks like corn. You are welcome for the mental picture. Have a nice day. [laugh]
  15. Today's racist item Megathread

    That's a box full of ballots for the D primary.
  16. The definition of Conundrum

    You are racist. Jk ... excellent post.
  17. White nationalists could have firearms taken under red flag law proposed by Kamala Harris

    Let's punish people before they commit a crime. IT IS FOR THE CHILDREN!!!! :rolleyes: Does that mean we can punish Kamala and Biden as well as anyone else running for office (since we all know they will commit crimes)? ... JK ... I know they are above the law. If she becomes President, get...
  18. Anybody heard about USAF helicopter that was shot at

    That's how we know it wasn't a NES member. [smile]
  19. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    Lol, maybe.
  20. Drought of 2020

    Do a rock landscape like they do in Nevada or Arizona.
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