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  1. Master Blaster USPSA (8/16) and Pioneer (8/30)

    Is anyone going to either of these matches?
  2. Indestructible Hi-Point?

    check this out. Shooting starts around 6:20 View:
  3. Range Report 45/70 Revolver

    The 45/70 revolver shoots great, see the 5 shot group. I flinched on one of them. And then it blew the f*** up. I have only ever seen pictures, and today I was the lucky guy. Yes, this just happened. (Sorry, I don't know why this one loads sideways) The barrel blew the f-up. The...
  4. Any Marshfield Members Here (USPSA question)

    I see that Sat, Aug 8 the calendar says match set up for Sunday. But Sunday Aug 9 doesn't say anything about a match. Will there be a match on Sunday or Saturday? And how can I register?
  5. Protect Your Wife Against COVID + Improve Your Relationship

    You can thank me later. [laugh] View:
  6. Washington Post settles $250M suit with Covington teen Nick Sandmann

    This is great. I hope they all settle. It would be nice to know how much he is getting on each settlement. I couldn't...
  7. Summer Village in Westford

    Hi, Tell me about Summer Village in Westford. I drive past it almost every weekend when I go visit my parents and I always see their cottages on sale in Their website doesnt have any useful info, their Facebook doesnt say much, and there is always something on sale, so it is...
  8. Asheville, North Carolina: Reparations for Black residents approved

    I wonder how it will be implemented. Complete failure. I might check NC off the list of States I would like to move to if this spreads. I moved to this country 20 years ago, would my taxes be used to give someone money? .... A person that probably wouldnt exist today if someone wasnt taken...
  9. Best Calibers For Self Defense - Real World Study

    I found this and thought it was pretty interesting. Once in a hile we have threads about what caliber and type of gun is better, rifle, shotgun or pistol. View:
  10. Laser Stippling

    Hi, Does anyone know of a place in New England that does Laser Stippling? I would rather not ship a gun and would also like to keep the business local.
  11. Bullet Manufacturers Lead Times

    I thought it might be helpful to start a thread with lead times. BAYOU: I placed an order on May 7th, I just received an Email it was shipped today. One month. Has anyone experienced significant delays with other manufacturers?
  12. Group Buy: Feeler

    What do you guys think, should we do a group buy? Could be the most pro 2A town in the country.
  13. Looking for a Gunsmith - Need Front sight drilled for Pin (SW 929)

    Hi, I need a front sight drilled for a SW 929. The front sight uses a pin and those sights never come pre-drilled. I would do it myself but I dont have all the tools. I'm guessing a gunsmith can get it done before I can finish a beer. Anyone near the Dedham area? By near, I mean within...
  14. USPSA - Any Clubs Hosting Matches?

    Now that things are opening again, are any RI, MA or NH clubs hosting matches?
  15. Evidence of a Parallel Universe Detected by NASA [popcorn]
  16. Be Careful with memeber Steve Morgan

    Dude just joined, no posts and randomly messaged me this: " hello i just joined this community and I saw your post. My friend has the exact same thing you're interested in text him on here 6195000016" @Admin @drgrant
  17. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun

    Please, PM me if you have one on sale.
  18. Reloading Data for Heavy 9mm Rounds (greater than 147g)

    I noticed it is very hard to find reloading data for heavy rounds and it is also very hard to find data for some powders such as N320 or even W231. I found this article that has some decent loads to start: I...
  19. Dillon Powder Die

    How many here are using the powder die to also expand the case a little? I have a Hornady die, but decided to try the dillon, since it is there. Maybe I am not setting it up right (although it's very straight forward), but I dont like the way it expands the case, it seems it opens it too much...
  20. Stores That Are Dead To Me MEGATHREAD

    Costco is dead to me. No way I am going to let a guy making $2/hr tell me I have to wear a mask to the store. [laugh]
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