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  1. Stay out of Reading this Saturday aftrrnoon

    Sorry mods, could you move this to off topic? There is going to be a Protest, March and vigil in the town common from 4-7 PM. The organizers were denied a permit but they’re doing it anyway. Major parts of RT 28 will be blocked off by the protest/“parade”. They expect about 1200 SJW folks to...
  2. Reading swatting PT2

    Hopefully this thread stays jackass free... Ok I got the Police report today. Do a search on the other thread to get up to speed. It appears she is getting charged with something. The police redacted the charge. I’m including the cite they are using to justify that. Perhaps the lawyers here...
  3. Dude got swatted in Reading today

    Just read it in Facebook. Dude traveling up 28. Bitch gets pissed he cut her off. She calls cops “Dude has guns in his trunk”. Dude walks out of store. Greeted by six cop cars. Hands up, on the hood and frisked. No guns in trunk. Cops turn nice. Bitch stays there and starts taking crazy...
  4. David Hogg gets schooled by Pink Pistols
  5. My hometown in the news -Reading and a Turkey

    You might have heard the Reading sort of adopted this gimpy wild turkey. There is a 5k member Facebook account dedicated to him. Well he just died and Barstool sports (KFC) just destroyed them in a blog. BYW it’s Reading MA not PA...
  6. What’s with all the scatter guns with the birds head pistol grip?

    WOW, I haven’t been in the scattergun market for a while but there seems to be quite a few pump and semi’s coming with this grip. I even saw a Marine Magnum offered with it. I know it’s called a Birdsheah pistol grip but does it qualify as an evil feature in mass?
  7. Equipment from a smoker’s shack

    I know a friend who is selling his dad’s HF amplifier. How much would you take off (%) if it was from a heavy smoker’s house? I want to pay a fair price but I will have to clean the shit out of it. Thoughts?
  8. Word of warning for those less computer savvy

    A couple of weeks ago an old friend asked if I could meet him for a drink. While we are out he shows me an email he received on a old email account of his. It’s an extortion email claiming they have evidence of him visiting questionable websites and they accessed his webcam and simultaneously...
  9. WW2 Navy Question

    MY Dad joined the Navy in WW2 at 16 1/2. At the end of the war his ship was stationed in several ports in CHina. In fact he was in Shaneigh when the US sent Corsairs to divert Mao's army from taking the city. Here is my question, my Mom just showed me his jacket (Enlisted) And behind the...
  10. FFS - Who took Joan Venochi to the range?

    Nice disgusting from her and her opinion of the scary AR-15 and why non military should not have semiautos. I’m not linking the story because she sucks and doesn’t deserve the clicks. Taking that asshat is like taking Himler to Temple.
  11. Passed my Technician today (now General)

    The test was at a rifle range in Greenland, NH. Great group of guys. We were told if anyone failed they had to go to the range as targets. Lol
  12. Public officials can't block you on twitter

    Twitter users butthurt the the POTUS blocked them. Judge agreed/ Trump blocking Twitter critics is unconstitutional, court decides Now the silver lining is, this applies to all public officials. Including: The Oath Breaker, The Conspitated Indian, and Dimples the bulimic fascist Tweet away boys
  13. Collins Radio repair question

    Hi all, I love my 75A-4 but now I'm looking for a KWS-1. Don't have the cash now but i'll save it up. I have noticed there are units on e-bay that need repair. Is that a fool's errand?
  14. Attic antenna recommendations

    Looking to put a receive only antenna in my attic , good winter project. My reviewer's can hear from 160 through 10m. I have about a 35` open space to work with. Thinking of a folded dipole but I am so green I need some advice. Thanks, Jim
  15. Cigar shaped asteroid just entered our Solar System

    At least that is what they think it is...hopefully its not some old alien battleship and they try to wake it up lol
  16. Resturant recommendations for Ft Lauerdale

    The family is going down to Ft Lauerdale next week (my 50th) any recommendations for a great steak house or where I could get oysters? Looking for something other than Mortons or Ruth Chris. We have them up here. The only restriction is no dress code. Thanks Jim
  17. Car Inspection Question - Mileage

    My Mom is looking to sell Dad's car. She went down to Enterprise and they pulled the CarFax and said that the mileage was incorrectly entered when it was inspected in 2013. Mileage was fine before and after but that entry was lower. They claim this is a problem (fraud flag) and a $8K car...
  18. Just when you think you are having a bad day - Dude gets junk cut off
  19. Helpful advice thread

    I think a thread where we could post helpful advice would be most useful. For example, the words Glory Hole and Mouthfeel should never be used in the same sentence...
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