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  1. Taurus Spectrum .380 Pocket Package

    As new Taurus Spectrum .380, comes with about 200 rounds of ammo, mostly ball but a couple mags of hollow points. Comes with DeSantis holster. Bought this because my wife wanted it, now she wants something bigger... :rolleyes: 2-3 boxes of mixed ammo through it without malfunction. Extended...
  2. SKS won’t chamber a .223 round, idiot reveal yourself!

    Took out my SKS last weekend after it had been sitting a while and had a problem I’ve never had before. Rounds will not chamber. Here’s a pic of far they’ll go. looked like a line of some type of buildup in there, but it’s hard to get a picture. Tried some Hoppe’s with a brass brush and the a...
  3. Old SxS Shotgun ID

    A friend showed me 2 of his grandfather's side by sides the other day. Both in nice shape but he was wondering if he should be concerned about using them due to age. I took a few pics, maybe some experts can weigh in. first is a Bellmore 12 gauge. I never heard of this brand... The other is...
  4. Happy Father’s Day 2020

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads of NES! We bust our asses, make tons of sacrifices and love the shit out of our kids We wouldn’t have it any other way! Cheers!!! [cheers]
  5. Nurse in Braintree shot by ex neighbor

    I guess they had some history. Wtf
  6. Half mast for corona virus suffering?

    What’s this about? Anyone lowering flags for this? Saw a few today so I looked it up.
  7. Crime Rate Skyrocketing...

    with the "pro athletes" out of work [rofl] I bet Quest diagnostics isn't loving this publicity.
  8. What tree is this?

  9. Hi N-word

    My niece’s friend posted this on FB. This is real and from RI. Veteran plates to boot. Can’t imagine this wouldn’t cause a good deal of grief. What is he thinking?
  10. Michigan Militia says they won't allow police to enter Owosso barber shop

    feel good story OWOSSO, Mich. --- It's day six of 77-year-old Owosso barber Karl Manke defying Governor Whitmer's orders and opening his shop. "Yesterday six troopers came in...
  11. Taurus TX 22 Review

    After 2 full days of waiting for a proceed I finally got my TX 22 yesterday. The closest thing I have to it is the phenomenal Smith & Wesson M&P compact so I’ll use that as the measuring stick. The Taurus is a little bigger in the length of both the slide and grip but no wider, slightly...
  12. Need a transfer Rockingham county

    Found a sweet deal on a gun I want but I need to buy online and need a transfer. Anyone have one somewhat local to Deerfield they could share? My usuals are on a covid sabbatical
  13. Machinist question.

    UPDATE: There were no threads on the muzzle to begin with. I’m thinking about threading an .22 AR barrel in 1/2 28 to mount a suppressor. I was just going to use an adapter to go from 5/8 24 but the origin Chiappa barrel had a pressed on flash hider. It's smooth and .500 OD. I would just buy a...
  14. Adopt this dog!

    Beautiful trained malinois shepherd mix working dog stuck in effing Connecticut red tape. Go get her...
  15. The tragedy of Gina “Bronco” Bouza

    Just because ... The Tragedy Of Gina “Bronco” Bouza (1932-1957) I posted this picture of Gina “Bronco” Bouza once before. It hangs on the wall between the foyer and bar of Albuquerque’s Bucca De Beppo restaurant. Every time we eat there it catches my eye and I have to stop and look at it. It...
  16. Need rotors turned.update post 82 job done

    Haven’t done this in a while. Looking for recommendations. Anywhere between Hooksett Nh and Wilmington or Chelmsford Ma. Thanks
  17. Sig365 or Springfield hellcat?

    Haven’t seen this thread I don’t think. 11 rounds versus 10. Firing pin drag versus no issue. Sig fanboys vs grip zone. I own neither but still carrying a shield so I’m the target demographic. Love to hear the opinions of NES. All taken with a grain of salt lol
  18. Generator Question

    The house we bought in NH was wired for a generator and today is the first time I had to use it but something isn’t right. The setup is an outlet on the outside going to a couple of breakers in the panel. issue: the 220v well pump is not working at all so I tried the other 220v item, the...
  19. Best City to Retire in!!! Shocking!!!

    Ok, I know what you're going to say but no, New Beige #1 and Fall River #5! In the country!!! Fall River ranks in top 5 for best places in the country to retire according to report The top 5 are: 1. New Bedford, Massachusetts 2. Quincy, Massachusetts 3. Warwick, Rhode Island 4. New York...
  20. Need a quick valuation.

    My dad’s friend in Florida is having an estate sale and is selling this piece. Looks pretty cool but I have no idea what it’s worth. I think it’s a .22 but am asking. Any guesses?
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