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  1. Stupid Problem

    Does it have a set screw like the one I installed did? Sounds like that may not be backout out enough. I used a nylon punch and hammer to install mine no problem
  2. Buying an AR 15 from non LTC holder

    FYI all the C&R eligible ones I've seen for sale over the past several months were well north of $3K and into the mid $4k range :-(
  3. Buying an AR 15 from non LTC holder

    Do a search, I listed the serial numbers here a month or two ago
  4. Buying an AR 15 from non LTC holder

    I hope the estate has already been settled and he's not just selling them because they're cool historical pieces (translation - worth $$$).
  5. M1 Carbines

    Exactly and call it re-arsenaled.
  6. M1 Carbines

    A lot of people will pass on them because of the import mark and the damage it purportedly caused to some barrels way back when. Expect a good 25% hit on the price.
  7. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    did you see the 12 cents/round 22LR Aguilla 38gr HP that didn't last 2 hours today?
  8. Any other Stargate fans?

    Oh the 1000 naked Sharons was my favorite scene in the whole series! Watch the BSG move Razor, that was real good.
  9. CMP Garands

    what brand is the field grade? I'd guess IHC or maybe Winchester
  10. CMP Garands

    The barrel is SA 6/46. Its right there on the tag
  11. Is this copper fouling?

    This is exactly what I do. I have boresnakes for every caliber I shoot. I take some CLP type stuff and put it on a small section (like 1/2" or so) of the snake before the brush and after the brush. I pull it through 2 or 3 times and look with a bore light at the results. If it looks good, I'm...
  12. Is this copper fouling?

    Less than 50 rounds through it should not be copper fouling like that. Based on how you cleaned it after shooting but didn't oil the bore, rust makes a lot more sense than copper fouling. Bronze brush is fine, so you've cleaned it well and I'd say go out and put 5 rounds downrange and see if...
  13. Is this copper fouling?

    did you use a brass brush?
  14. Is this copper fouling?

    That looks like rust to me. You need to run an oiled patch thru after you've cleaned otherwise you're just leaving bare un-oiled metal exposed to the atmosphere.
  15. Avoid The Range by Jimmy Primos

    Be sure you leave feedback on Gunbroker so their BS is exposed to other potential customers.
  16. May be the last one...correct 12/43 Remington M03A3

    those rubber pads are worthless, they mostly transmit recoil not dampen it. Get one of these gel pads, they really work well. I can shoot my Mosin Carbine in a t-shirt with it all day.
  17. recipe/reloading data for 45ACP 185 FP and 200 RN needed

    I load xtreme's 200gr plated bullets in 45acp in my 1911s and G30 and I use titegroup mainly but they give me great accuracy. I like their 200gr FP for paper punching
  18. May be the last one...correct 12/43 Remington M03A3

    or load up some lead cast rounds with reduced H4895
  19. May be the last one...correct 12/43 Remington M03A3

    @majspud The Ogden Arsenal stamp in that position indicates an arsenal inspection before it was put into storage to be later sold to the public. Many of those were unissued to begin with and just got a look see before being put to bed. The stamp in the box is FJA (Frank J Atwood, inspector) and...
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